Take My Division, PLEASE!

Amazing.  Two series against a couple of tomato cans, and the hated rivals each come away humbled, stumbling away from these lesser opponents like Tara Reid leaving a bar.  David Wells (literally) does a barf job in Detroit, while Aaron Small pitches to his abilities in Tampa.  Even losing 2 of 3 to the Tigers,  our Bosox maintain their 5 game loss-column, a pleasant surprise.  Both YF and I have remained relatively quiet, as there’s not much to say about our teams’ pitiful play.  YF has been especially quiet.  Perhaps it’s the embarrassment, the disappointment, the utter reality of it all.  Or, it’s the 5 day romantic weekend he took in the Maldives with his new gal pals.

Regardless, we’re hoping it’s just the late August blues, that time of year when everyone and their boss is off on extended vacation boiling live lobsters, eating ice cream and clam chowder, soaking up the sun, taking extra days off to get some added sacktime before a roadtrip to dry and sunny SoCal, even though your career average against the day’s pitcher is like .800 (that means you, Manny).  Either that or our teams stink.

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  • Fact is, neither team is built for October. Sox have more hope, in that they have the staff, but with injury concerns (Foulke, Schill). For the Yanks, Wang and Pavano are done for the year, period. f
    What price an A’s pennant? They’ve certainly got the best pitching, though they’re fielding remains abysmal.

    Sam August 18, 2005, 10:29 am
  • Red Sox could make it in October, but it’s a big if this year. I felt more confident last year with Schilling and Pedro, but if they get Schilling back into a starters role and Foulke comes back at even 80% of last year, I think they have a good chance.

    Mike August 18, 2005, 10:38 am
  • There’s no stopping SF—he’s got a million of ’em.
    Roll on.

    YF August 18, 2005, 11:44 am
  • Lou Piniella’s audition is going rather nicely, wouldn’t you say?

    MJL in L.A. August 18, 2005, 12:14 pm
  • I just hope that the Sox don’t come back home just in time for KC to be due to break out of the slump. In the meantime, how many years in a row does it take for us to realize that the A’s are not that good? They had a great little stretch for awhile, but that pitching was better in the past three years, and somehow people expect them to do better. The Angels are the team to watch in that division, unless of course you are a YF, the ALL your attention is focused on the A’s.
    Hopefully, the White Sox break out of their little mini-slump this week, and the Red Sox just do what they usually do: beat the Angels when it matters.
    Hopefully, this week starts like last year’s Red Sox West Coast swing at the end of the year.

    Brad-SF August 18, 2005, 2:47 pm
  • edit:
    the = then

    Brad-SF August 18, 2005, 2:49 pm
  • Well, there’s little sense in dwelling on the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” of the Sox and Yanks’ performances this week. All that’s left now is to look ahead.
    The Angels are proving more mortal than ever these days. As if K-Rod’s brain fart against the A’s wasn’t bad enough, the pesky Blue Jays just won a series from them again. (Anyone notice how the Jays are only four games out of the WC even without Roy Halladay?) Boston can beat the Angels if they get their act together and play/pitch like they mean it. They’ve beaten this team before–they can do it again.
    And I still find it hysterical that the Yankees are 4-9 against the D-Rays this year. And don’t forget 0-3 against the world-beating Royals. Heh.

    Sox Fan in VT August 18, 2005, 3:49 pm
  • OK – I just emailed this to a couple of friends of mine who are as passionate about the Yankees as I am about the Red Sox.
    PLEASE READ THIS AS A JOKE! I HAVE A LONG HISTORY WITH MY FRIENDS, and this is just good-natured ribbing and joshing.
    If this is not germane or appropriate, I would appreciate YF or SF deleting it. I am not trying to truly anger anyone.
    But it is a masterpeice.
    Oh, is George gonna lose it now ….
    You Yankee fans are pathetic. Sure, we lost to the Tigers, but did you make up any ground? No? Christ, our bullpen is shot, but yours … yours is a freaking joke. At least we have a chance of being healthy. You had better be kissing whatever action figures you have of Jeter and Sheffield on their ass, because without those two, you guys would be up the creek. I am going to be pissing myself in October when, not only will we be going to the playoffs, but we will have PUT THE NAIL IN YOUR COFFIN when we make certain you have NO CHANCE FOR THE PLAYOFFS! The NYPD and FD will have to be on emergency call to clean up all the corpses from all the Yankee fans who jump from high places. The streets will be running red with the corpuscles draining from the arteries and veins of the cold bodies of all the Yankee fans who will be committing suicide. And don’t come crying to me after we win our second consecutive WS asking ‘Can I be a part of Red Sox Nation?’; I will LAUGH at you as you weep salty tears of regret and reality. I’m going to go to NYC and go from block to block, neighborhood to neighborhood, borough to borough, asking parents to allow me to watch their children cry themselves to sleep so I can take their tears and bottle them and sell them for Red Sox fans to wear around their neck.
    Remember this old saying from the early 1900’s, probably around 1903-1917 ….
    When the leaves turn gold, the Yankees will fold.
    God, it is SWEET to be a Red Sox fan. I am truly blessed to be a fan of the GREATEST TEAM IN ALL OF ORGANIZED SPORTS!!!
    Love, hugs, and kisses

    sithkhan August 18, 2005, 10:00 pm
  • Well…that sucked.
    Something tells me that the Angels might be one of those teams, like the Yanks and Sox, that a team can ill-afford to give extra outs to with errors. Let’s hope today goes better, and by that, I mean for the Sox – either color.

    Brad-SF August 19, 2005, 7:58 am
  • $340 million doesn’t buy what it used to. We know about the Yankee pitching woes, but look at these ERAs the last 30 days:
    M Timlin 1 1 1.42
    C Bradford 2 0 2.92
    J Papelbon 0 0 3.48
    M Myers 0 0 4.35
    D Wells 2 1 4.62
    W Miller 2 0 4.67
    T Wakefield 4 2 4.85
    B Arroyo 2 2 5.23
    J Gonzalez 1 0 5.65
    C Schilling 3 2 5.71
    M Delcarmen 0 0 5.79
    M Clement 1 0 6.52
    M Remlinger 0 0 17.36
    J Halama 0 0 18.00
    Bradsf enjoyed crowing about Cash picking up other teams’ pitching trash, but obviously the Sox wish they had Chacon and Small.

    john massengale August 19, 2005, 8:55 am
  • No, we don’t, John. If you knew more about the Sox you wouldn’t just throw numbers out there without a little context. If you knew a little more then you’d understand that Delcarmen (bad numbers and all) is a prime prospect and was used in mostly mop-up situations to get him some experience but sent back down to get regular action, that Papelbon looks to be a future anchor of the staff, throws both a splitter and a mid/high 90s fastball and already has “poise” (whatever that is), that Foulke is coming back off an injury within a couple of weeks, and that Craig Hansen may be given a chance at trying to imitate K-Rod circa 2002 (fantasy, yes, but worth thinking about). So while the bullpen is absolutely horrid at the moment and the staff numbers are pretty terrible, there’s a good chance this team will have a different makeup in 15 days’ time, maybe less, mostly by design, and not entirely by accident. You can keep Small and Chacon (and Leiter too).

    SF August 19, 2005, 10:36 am
  • Craig Hansen:
    Best curveball and second best fastball among draft eligible pitchers this year. Pertty sure he’s going to make the k-Rod/Houston Street appearance as well. Also, recently promoted to Portland after only three outings in the rook league. I’m excited as one could possibly be about the prospect of this.
    John, Brian Cashman is a moron, and 15 minutes after this season ends, if the Yanks don’t make it, he will no longer be the guy you have to defend. Trust me.

    Brad-SF August 19, 2005, 10:52 am
  • Oh , remind me again how many games the Yanks have made up on the Sox since the new aces joined the staff?

    Brad-SF August 19, 2005, 10:54 am
  • John, Brian Cashman is a moron, and 15 minutes after this season ends, if the Yanks don’t make it, he will no longer be the guy you have to defend. Trust me.
    I’ve offered before to bet you on this. Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?
    Oh , remind me again how many games the Yanks have made up on the Sox since the new aces joined the staff?
    This is the 1st-grade, 2-wrongs-make-a-right argument. All Yankee fans know our pitching has sucked this year. So has yours. Until I saw those stats, I didn’t realize how much it had sucked recently.
    You know, if the Yanks manage to finish better than the Sox this year but not make the World Series, Yankee fans won’t say, Good season, we beat the Sox. This Yankee-obsession is really weird.
    SF – Okay, so you don’t wish you’d had two of the best ERAs in the league the past month. Good decision.

    john massengale August 19, 2005, 11:09 am
  • Two career losers, one of which showed us all his true colors just the other night? Nope, we don’t wish that at all. However, John, rest assured that if Brian Cashman is not fired after this year when/if the Yanks dont make it, I’ll send you your ten dollars. In fact, if the Yanks don’t make the playoffs this year, why don’t we make it an even twenty? Deal?

    Brad-SF August 19, 2005, 11:15 am
  • Also, please save us the “who cares about the Red Sox” self-centered, imperialistic, stuck on yourself baseball attitude. If the Yanks beat the Sox in the division this year, and then both are ejected from the playoffs early, this site will be absolutely loaded with ‘told ‘ya so” and “who’s the better team now?” and other crap. Of course we all want to win the series, but if that doesn’t happen (again), then we all know what the next best thing in line is. We have all grown up loating the other team, and love when we beat them, so please don’t fill my screen with such things that it does not matter to you.

    Brad-SF August 19, 2005, 11:22 am
  • Brad, you and a lot of Sox fans have grown up loathing the Yanks. Most Yanks fans have grown up disliking the Sox. I’m sorry, but this is the reality of the situation. There’s no comparison between the level of hatred sox fans have felt for the Yanks and the dislike we’ve felt for the sox.
    I’m not going to say that I don’t care about what happens in RSN because obviously I do. The Sox, after all, are the Yanks main rival. But, please don’t project your years of frustration on us. I empathize with your historic plight, but I’m not you.

    Nick August 19, 2005, 12:00 pm
  • I disagree with Brad. I don’t think Cashman is a “moron”. I think he’s basically an intelligent mediocrity in the difficult position of being a powerless corporate lackey. I think Brad overstates, again. As for ‘not wishing I had two of the best ERAs in the league the past month”, I am taking a longer-term view here. I think you presented, in your list of Sox’ pitchers, a rather simplistic view of the staff. My take is that the Sox’ bullpen has (I hope) significant but possibly temporary problems, and that their bullpen may be fixed internally, cascading back to a stronger rotation. These are my hopes, keep in mind, and I think that the odds of this transpiring ideally are not very great. However, I think that Epstein and the Sox look at guys like Remlinger as filler; I imagine Epstein figures if he’s any good he sticks, if he sucks he’s tiding us over until Hansen/Foulke are ready. Whereas in Yankeeland Chacon/Small/Leiter are the solution, not the bridge to the solution – the Yankees know that Pavano and Wang are not going to be factors this year, whereas the Sox have good reason to think that Papelbon, Foulke, Hansen, and perhaps Schilling may yet exert some influence. These are two very different scenarios, and that context is what your simplistic point about “not wanting” Small and Chacon is missing.
    Lastly, there’s also no way to know if Chacon or Small would have performed similarly in Boston. As it is, the Yankees have gained some benefit from the two of them, and for that Cashman should be lauded, even for getting a bit lucky. But that doesn’t mean the Sox should have picked them up first. It’s not that simple, and I am sure that you know that.

    SF August 19, 2005, 12:00 pm
  • Oh, I totally agree, SF. All of the moves made by the Yankees in the past three years have had nothing to do with Cashman. In fact, I bet some of them went on right over his head. :(

    Brad-SF August 19, 2005, 1:11 pm
  • Bradsf: The Yanks making the playoffs and Cash being fired are very different odds.
    $10 on Cash not being fired.
    I give no thought to Theo being fired, and it would give me no happiness to see him fired. I don’t hate the Sox.
    SF: I still say Wells is going to have a breakdown this year. He’s been pitching badly recently, but he’s simply going to break down, I think.
    Re Schilling: There is SOME possibility that at the end of year Wang will be more useful than Schilling. We’ll find out soon about Schilling. There’s even some possibility that Schilling will never be the pitcher he was last year. Didn’t he originally say recovery would take 18 months?
    Don’t be surprised to see Wang come in against the Sox in the middle innings at the end of September and do well in key games. And it would be sweet to see Mendoza do the same, but who knows. He was a great Yankee and mediocre Sock.
    In any case Arroyo and Clements may be reverting to their norms, and a playoff rotation of a normal Arroyo, a normal Clements, an injured Schilling, no Wells and Wake would be very bad news for the Sox. Say what you want about “Paps,” you don’t want to see him starting in the playoffs. And nobody knows what to expect from Foulke. Last year’s magic seems to be gone.

    john yf August 20, 2005, 6:59 pm
  • Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, SF. Chacon will be 28 next year, under contract, and an excellent pitcher. Since getting out of the fifth circle of hell, aka pitching in Coors, he has been better than any Red Sox starter.
    In 27 innings as a Yankee, his ERA is 2.00.
    He LOVES being a Yankee.
    As for Small, if you watch him, he knows how to pitch and he has an excellent out pitch in his sinker.

    john yf August 20, 2005, 7:28 pm

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