Teh Interweb Pays, Says Olney

So I was driving around in my Jeep _a lot_ today, as has been the case frequently and recently much to the chagrin of 19.3 mpg highway@3.30/gal at the pump. While listening to “All Night” on ESPN, Buster Olney was talking about the Yankees and how it might be difficult this year to snag decent pitchers mid-late season, regardless of bankroll. Okay, so that’s a “Duh.” However, one interesting part he cited was when he said that revenue sharing has played a significant roll in the recent trend of smaller market teams locking decent pitchers where that was not necessarily something they could afford to do a few years ago. The “interestinger” part was where he said, without explicitly naming sources, that _each team_ is currently pulling 20-30 meeleon dollars in revenue per annum from their web sites. Really? I guess Bud was onto someth****buffering****

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