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Tell me if I am out of line here, but I don’t see how the A-Rod/Manny non-deal is holding up signings like Grieve. I read that Hicks was upset that he “missed out” on Grieve because of the lack of certainty regarding the trade, but I fail to see how a near-major-league minimum (non-guaranteed at that!) signing of a spare part was at all influenced – they could have signed him regardless of the status of the deal. This is just more of Hicks’ misinformation, and it’s almost laughable at this point. On Monday, the Rangers continued to see results of how the stalled Rodriguez talks are affecting their plans to put together a 2004 roster. They went into the off-season needing starting pitching, bullpen help and a corner outfielder. A corner outfielder the Rangers had their eyes on in case they don’t get Ramirez – Arlington’s Ben Grieve – was among those who signed Monday. And he did so rather cheaply, going to Milwaukee for a non-guaranteed $700,000 contract.

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