Thank you for that rant. (Did SF run out of Paxil on his trip West? I’ve checked and nowhere do I see the term “appropriate”–or its negative–in my missive.) As for the issue at hand, I would point SF toward Henry-Russell Hitchcock’s essay “The Architecture of Genius and the Architecture of Bureaucracy.” Sometimes–and a baseball park might just be a case in point–what we need is a rough-and-ready building that works programatically and within its environment and not a flight of architectural derring-do.

A baseball park is an early twentieth-century urban typology that–happily–is returning to the early twentieth-century urban neighborhoods where it was invented. Any ballpark design needs to navigate these factors. I deplore kitsch, and to the extent that some of these new buildings throw in silly “olde style” gestures, they are subject to criticism. But the use of brick does not seem to me to be cause for ipso facto objection. YF asks: would you rather watch a ballgame at PacBell or the SkyDome?

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