Thanks But No Thanks

Our good friend and occasional correspondent Emma Span has a fine piece up on Slate today on the sophisticated fan’s obsession with winning the right way, and how this translated into a certain ambivalance around these parts regarding the acquisition of Johan Santana. Worth a read, but what happened to our shout out? (We kid!!!)

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  • I have to agree that it would have been almost embarrassing for the Sox and even the Yankees to load up with that much payroll/talent. It would have made winning for either team a little joyless, and the whole league would be rooting against whichever landed him.
    Oh, wait, the whole league already roots against the Yankees. Though the Sox are doing their best to become as disliked by winning the Series so regularly. So nevermind.

    Hudson February 28, 2008, 2:00 pm
  • “Oh, wait, the whole league already roots against the Yankees.”
    Is this really true in other peoples’ experience?
    Most of my friends who are fans of teams other than the sox or mets are more or less ambivalent towards the yankees. Further, they basically lump the Sox in with the yankees as far as spending habits, etc…
    As far as the other players go, I doubt highly they root against anyone. Im not sure that this was the point Hudson was trying to make though.

    sam-YF February 28, 2008, 2:34 pm

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