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The Bravery

When history is in your grasp, the easy thing to do is embrace it. With two outs in the ninth inning in Detroit on Wednesday, the first-base umpire, Jim Joyce, could have called the Cleveland Indians’ Jason Donald out on a close play at first base. Make a fist, raise a forearm, and Armando Galarraga
becomes the 21st pitcher — and third in the last four weeks — to throw a
perfect game.
The courageous call is the
one Joyce made. 

– Tyler Kepner

Some other things that Tyler Kepner thinks are “courageous”

  • Optioning to “keep
    drilling” instead of “shutting down the rig since it might
    explode and sink into the ocean”
  • Playing in traffic
  • Blindfolded log-tossing
  • Quelling hunger with a big plate of Pasta con Atropa Belladonna
  • Bringing a knife to a gunfight

11 replies on “The Bravery”

I absolutely hate Tim Wakefield with a fiery, burning passion. Honestly..just go the fuck away. I’m sick of the love-fest for this asshole. He is absolutely no longer a ML pitcher. Anyone in the organization – ANYONE – would be better than him at this point.

How awful of a “person” must you be to actually go after Joyce’s family? It seems the principle people involved — Galarraga, Joyce, Leyland, Detroit FO, have kept perspective. It is horrible that so many others have lost it.
I do think that Bud should wave his magic wand and set this straight.
Check out the video as Joyce walks onto the field today. He’s literally crying, overwhelmed with emotion for his mistake. His call was shitty and resulted in horrible situation, but this is clearly a man who cares about the sport and realizes the magnitude of what happened.
Also, Galarraga asked Jim Lleyland if he could be the one to deliver the lineup card to Joyce behind the plate, where they tearfully shook hands. This has changed from a horrible moment to a wonderful moment full of fantastic sportsmanship.

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