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It occurred to me that I no longer give a crap who might be catching for the Red Sox next year.

Or, more accurately, I don't care about the machinations surrounding the Sox and their semi-estranged (former?) captain.  I also don't care what they pay him, if they so choose to pay him something.  Really, it's getting insanely boring.  More words have been written, across the web and in the print media, about the nuance of arbitration rejections, illicit dalliances with sideline reporters, club and player options, than are justified.  I mean, there's a seven page (and only two day old!) thread on SoSH regarding the recent contract details and a 22 page thread about the pluses and minuses of bringing Tek back.  Couldn't this have been handled more succinctly?  Let's try:

  • pluses:  familiarity with pitching staff, whatever that's worth, hair that reminds me of Ray Bourque's, raises the Sox-in-residence quotient of my hometown (Newton), plus the sentimental value of seeing a guy possibly retire with a team with whom he has spent a decade.

  • minuses: everything else

See, that didn't take 22 pages and 440 comments.

I wish the player would stop talking and the team would plug their leaky boat at this point.  Take your time, Tek, if that's what you need.  But do it quietly, please.  I'm trying to rest up for the regular season.

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Hey, looks like SF and I both have Varitek on the brain.
Speaking of minuses, this study isn’t flattering. Varitek was the worst catcher in baseball for throwing out runners when measured in Runs Saved Above Average. His arm cost the Sox nearly a full win all by himself last year.

You know I was going to point to that study (and not just last year either) in the other thread but didn’t want to pile on the guy. It was another reason why I was surprised they’re offering $8 million guaranteed over two years.
I suppose they think he can rebound with the bat, like 2006 to 2007, and that he’s still better than anything else out there. But given the offense and the arm, I’m not so sure one of their kids couldn’t be just as good and so much cheaper.

It’s a strange market out there. I’ve never been a big fan of Varitek but part of me wonders whether or not Josh Bard would be able to handle and develop the younger players on the staff, and more specifically, what his working relationship would be with someone like Beckett or Dice-K.
I remember being struck by Schilling’s statement a couple of years back, when giving up a hit (to break a no-hitter?) late in the game: It was something to the effect that it was the only time he had shaken off Varitek in the game and he wouldn’t be doing that again.
Say what you will about Schilling (and I’ve had nothing but bad things to say about him over the years) but he doesn’t strike me as the most malleable of personalities to catch for. A catcher who has earned that kind of respect from senior championship caliber player is not easy to find. A HOF catcher like Pudge Rodriguez seems to have NOT earned that respect from any veteran pitcher.

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