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The End of Interleague for Boston (until October!): Sox-Braves Gamer

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as a non-fan of interleague play [except as you point out, the october kind], i will be happy when it’s over…sorry to clutter up the game thread…

I’m a fan of some interleague – less than we have, though, maybe 1 series each with 3 teams max.
How else would we be able to experience the thrill that is Natstown?
Good to see it end now, though.

Yeah, the best part about the World Series (in my opinion) is that it throws two teams against each other that are unfamiliar to one another. Extended interleague play ruins that.

the best part about the World Series (in my opinion) is that it throws two teams against each other that are unfamiliar to one another.
Good with that… certainly doesn’t preclude a Nats series….

Nope, apparently he’s feeling fine now. Though that backdoor curveball, which stayed half a foot off the plate, was crushed for a homer.

Brian McCann hits a very hard foul ball. TBS broadcaster said “NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT ONE!!” and then a few seconds later “…except that it was foul.”

Francoeur hit in the head. Varitek immediately bounces over there and makes sure nobody thinks that was intentional.

This is my first ever YFSF post from a plane, I think. Laptop battery failing, though, so not sure how many more there will be.

Why does it seem like every umpire we’ve had in the last month has had a horrible strikezone?

[Oops, posted this in the wrong thread.]
Penny is actually doing a decent job out there — if the Sox bats weren’t dead, he would be in a fine position to get another win.

jeez. knew the US couldn’t shut out brazil, but i’ll take a 2-1 win. who woulda thought?

wow. francoeur dogs it backing up a ball knocked down by the 2nd baseman and tek hustles to steal a double. cox looks like he’s gonna slap somebody. after this series i would like to never hear another “francoeur to the sox” trade rumor again!

think the nick green bubble has burst. and we might need to take a look at the drew situation. he’s not hitting out of the top of the lineup. i’ll sacrifice ells not taking walks at leadoff to see drew get close to hitting .280 from the 6th spot.

uhg. 2-2 brazil ties it up. and they’ve turned up the pressure. the game is being played in the US box.
and there’s the third goal. it was too good to be true. 3-2 brazil.

the sox mailed it in today. the hanson kid was good but not overpowering. helped him out with no plate discipline. another decent penny start wasted to sleeping bats.

captain showed up today. scraps a single to score youk. only shut out one time this year so far.
up to ells to extend this thing.

fan on field delay. tbs too good to show it to you. it would have been the best thing on their network.

We’ve only been shut out once this year? Wow, that’s insane.
Penny continues to increase his trade value. Great outing for him, despite the loss.

I remember back in ’95, the Sox got all the way to August without being shut out. I think the Tigers ended up doing it. That was crazy.

lol Mo getting another interleague at-bat. This time drawing a walk, making his save even easier!
Way to suck balls, K-Rod.

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