The Gov Strikes Out

I'm no great fan of David Paterson, and I know the Yanks have business before the State, but, I don't know, shouldn't the Governor of New York be allowed to take his kid to the World Series? Make a call to silence an aide's domestic abuse arrest go away? Definitely not. A couple of October Yankees tickets? Fine, just so long as you don't go all Rudy on the public dime. Matter of perspective. 

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This is the maraschino cherry on top of the massive, twenty scoop with fudge and whipped cream corruption sundae. Small, sure, but still part of the sundae.

You’re completely missing the point.
No one (that I’ve read) has said that Paterson shouldn’t go to baseball games. He just needs to pay his own way.
The problem is that according to the Public Integrity Commission, he lied under oath about his intention to pay for the tickets.
Paterson claimed he was there in an official ceremonial capacity, but the Yankees say he wasn’t (and his presence there was not announced or otherwise acknowledged before, during or after the game).
Furthermore, internal emails show that Paterson and his now-disgraced righthand man spent a lot of time discussing how to get free tickets to sporting events, and that the Yankees were the only ones giving them “problems.”

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