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The Great Debate: Yanks-Sox Gamer

It’s raining in Beantown, but we are told there will be a game tonite, probably starting some time before the main head-to-head down in Mississippi. We know which kerfuffle we’ll be watching. Go Bara…Yankees!

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I guess, with New York and Massachusetts both as liberal as they are, that most of us are rooting for Obama. So, y’know, we can agree on that (at least, if my assumption is correct).
I’d love to finish up with a sweep of the Yanks, but I doubt it’ll happen, especially with the highest priority being keeping everyone healthy and setting up the start of the playoffs nicely. I suppose we could still technically win the division, but I really doubt Tampa will lose all their remaining games, and the Yanks are playing well enough I doubt the Sox will sweep.
Then again, Tampa is down 5-2 right now…

NESN graphic says ARod has 129 runs scored against the Sox, most of any active player. That’s a remarkable statistic.

ARod takes a 1-2 pitch about six inches in that Pauley _really_ wanted. Then a foul, and a pitch runs way outside to make it full. Alex singles the payoff to right scoring Abreu.

Stache takes a ball way outside, then swings and misses. The 1-1 is outside and low. The 2-1 was belt high middle plate but Giambi watched it for strike two. Pauley comes up and in to make it full. The payoff: roped to the corner; a fan reaches over the wall and deflects it while it was in the air.. would have curled foul anyway, and that’s how its called. Now Giambi takes a close strike three to end the inning.

Nice way to start the evening. Let’s hope that’s a sign of all good things, in MA and MS.
Crap. we’re tied.

Ellsbury curls a fat pitch from Aceves around Pesky’s pole to tie the game.
Now Lowrie walks on four pitches as Aceves looks like a mess.

Tito sticks a wad of pink gum in his mouth that’s the size of a golf ball. Mantis-like, he struck.

Lowell falls behind 0-2, then takes a pitch in the dirt. The 1-2 is at the ankles but Lowell golfs it to left for a fly-out. Youk up.

Aceves is trying to stay low, and misses twice. The 2-0 is not low and Youk strokes it off the light stand over the Monster to make it 3-1 Sox. ICK.

Aceves gets a wide call on the first pitch to Kotsay. Now a breaking pitch low swung at for strike two. The 0-2 is a curve outside. 1-2: breaking pitch hung middle and stroked to left for a single.

One away to Bay. He takes three consecutive balls, then a strike on the outside corner. The 3-1 is low away for a walk.
Aceves is awful to watch right now.

casey is single handedly making this game difficult to watch. can’t he handle his mayorial duties from the bench?

streaming the debate on CNN, watching McCain gush about bipartisnship while watching Robi Cano pop out to second.

Wow… Yanks up 4-3 on a sac fly and then a homer by Damon.
McCain tries to distance himself from his own party.

ellsbury adds to his AL leading stolen base total. the last sock to lead the AL was tommy harper in ’73.

Yankees go up 5-3 as McCain and Obama skirt Jim Lehrer’s question about how the bailout will affect their eventual leadership plan.

Rays losing, but threatening. Sox down, probably about to go down much more. One David replaces another.
Oh well, go McCain!

Obama has twice now mis-spoken John McCain’s first name, once calling him Tom, and once calling him Jim. Curious.

Hah I didn’t notice that AG. Obama seemed flustered for a few moments earlier, but I think I was cussing at Pauley.

Obama talks about how he opposed the war six years ago, even though the war didn’t start until 2003.

jeez. allowing guys like nady, gardner, moeller, and cano beat us. who’s even heard of those guy’s?

Disclaimer: I really like Obama, and feel like he would help this country. But I hate universal healthcare, and hope Congresss never wastes its time trying to pass it.
So to sum it all up, I think either candidate will do a good job.

What McCain needs to point out is that Congress OVERWHELMINGLY voted to invade Iraq; it passed by a higher margin than the original Gulf War did in the early 90’s. Obama’s running mate, who actually was a senator back then, voted for the war, along with most other Democrats in the Congress.

Don’t worry sf rod, I already accepted that there’s no way Detroit sweeps the Rays. Looks like another Boston/LA showdown.
I don’t like the debate format, all this arguing is pointless. It’s especially worse when Lehrer keeps interrupting too.

McCain has settled down in the debate since the beginning, but he still looks off into the distance every few moments like he has suddenly forgotten where he is.

from CNN a couple minutes ago…..
Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy was hospitalized briefly after a mild seizure.

Yeah sf rod, McCain mentioned Kennedy at the beginning of the debate.
McCain: “We cannot allow a second holocaust” – WHEW, glad that’s out there. I was afraid the candidates would let one happen, lol.

gotta check out for a bit. enjoy the game/debate.
I am not sorry to say that McCain looks like he is fumbling, hoping this will end soon so he can get home in time for Matlock.

Yeah, he did say he looked up to Reagan, but then mentioned voting against that specific event. But since it’s the only thing he mentioned I felt it reflected how he goes against the grain in his own party.
Yeah, the bracelet line was lame when McCain said it, and about 5x worse when it was repeated by Obama. I hate that touchy-feely “Look I know real people!” approach. Stick with the policies people.

Oh shit Obama just b*tchslapped McCain with regards to the “no pre-conditions” part and Henry Kissinger.

In more important news…The Brewers take the lead on a single by Corey Hart. Mets are losing in the bottom of the 8th and the Phillies have already won. After all of those God awful “Yankee Funerals” by all the Mets radio guys this week I couldn’t be happier. Shea Goodbye…

rod, mccain mentioned the latest kennedy health crisis at the beginning of the debate…i guess obama didn’t think it was relevant…
yanks finally decided to start playing baseball…yes, it is too little too late, but it does give some minimal consolation that we get to eliminate the sox…the debate is going about as well for obama as this game is going for the sox…go rays….
by the way, the disdain for palin, which doesn’t belong in a baseball thread by the way [take it over to msnbc–your buddy olberman is lonely], is probably more about the fear of a strong woman who is not only smart, tough, understands who she is and not someone others want her to be…that and she’s hot, and not a disgusting shrieking bit–….refreshing really…proves that you don’t have to look like or act like the alpha males to run with the alpha males…

Yankees really taking their frustration out on the Red Sox. Can’t blame ’em. I guess it’s a bit of revenge that they get to eliminate Boston from the division race.
Who wants to bet the New York media rips into the Yankees players for NOW exploding with the offense?

I shouldnt go there but calling Palin “smart” is quite a stretch if you actually listen to her speak.

I disagree with much of what Palin stands for: abstinence-only education is horrible, and christian evangelicalism is annoying.
But she’s absolutely smart, and she’s going to surprise a lot of people in the debate next Thursday. Just because you disagree with someone’s political stance doesn’t mean that they are unintelligent.

Ath- Have you watched her interview with Couric?
I think many people who I dont agree with are very smart, she isnt one of them.

Here’s an example: when Condi Rice was appointed by Bush 7 years ago everyone said it was just because she was an black woman. Very quickly people began to realize that she was not only qualified to be there, but that she was (and still is) probably the most intelligent person in Washington (despite being a lapdog for Bush).
Palin is no Condi Rice, but she’s still very intelligent.

I did, and she was very flustered during that interview. But in the other 5-6 interviews I’ve seen she’s been fantastic. I’m not going to change my opinion of her just because her most recent one flopped.
Now if she looks that stupid against Biden on Thursday, I’ll absolutely change my mind.

I think the Couric interview was the first time she was pushed and challenged and not simply allowed to repeat her rehearsed answers.
We’ll see what happens next week…

Yeah, maybe so. Next week will definitely give us all a better understanding of her.
In the mean time, holy crap is this Yankees game ugly. Hooray rain delay–cancel the whole thing!

sam, you must be talking about her tendency to drop her “g’s”…not nice my friend…that’s colloquial, and not a sign of a lack of intelligence…i’ll bet she knows that there’s no way president franklin roosevelt went on tv sometime in the 1930’s to discuss the great depression with the american people…that biden gem is priceless…while it’s been incorrectly reported that fdr wasn’t the president then [he actually served from 1933 until 1945 presiding over both the new deal and wwII, both of which helped the country move out of the depression], it’s unlikely that anyone saw it on television, since the first commercially licensed television stations weren’t established until at least 15 years later…oh well, my memory’s not so good either…

dc. It has nothing to do with her g’s. It has to do with a well-informed opinion I have formed on her by watching her over the days…i digress.
If this game gets cancelled, ill be very disappointed.

Oh my God I hate Anderson Cooper. They just spoke with Joe Biden after the debate and someone mentioned “A shame we couldn’t speak with Governor Palin” and Anderson Cooper said “Don’t hold your breath”

the shame is that they had to speak with biden at all ath…how he won’t come across as a condescending a** in the debate will be a minor miracle…if he can pull it off, i may change my opinion of him…maybe he’ll have kinnock write his responses to palin…they could do like an edgar bergen/charley mccarthy thing…

There is one thing I really like about Biden: during the Democratic Primaries, when it was like a 7-person debate, the candidates were discussing pulling out of Iraq. Hillary boasted that she would remove troops within one month of taking over office, and Obama said something similar. When it was Biden’s turn to speak, he said something along the lines of “Are you two crazy? These are completely unattainable goals. You can’t pull out hundreds of thousands of troops within a month, you can’t do that in a year. I’m all for withdrawing our troops, but don’t lie to the American people and make false claims.”

except his future boss [hopefully not] does advocate an arbitrary time-table…dangerous talk, especially if the bad guys are listening…shows a lack of resolve…

by the way, you’re welcome rays…figures the yanks would come back to life in a meaningless game, for them anyway…

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