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The Heartbreak Kid

For YF, if this news is true.  There will be others, don't you worry.

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The Yankee captain and the actress are telling close pals to “save the date” for nuptials in the fall. “The wedding is being planned and will take place after baseball season is over”
So hopefully a wedding date of October 15.

Why on earth would he get married??? She’s hot and all but he’s DEREK FREAKIN’ JETER!!! This is sad, very sad…

krueg, clearly you have not enjoyed the thrill of marriage and parenthood.
or maybe you have?! ;-)

I’m married SF…no offspring yet, if ever.
And that’s exactly why I said what I said!!!! ;)

When asked if they planned on having children, Minka expressed doubt. “One of my ovaries never fully developed,” she said, “and that’s the tube Derek’s swimmers keep going towards. The doctor says they’re having trouble moving to the left…”
Sorry, couldn’t resist the bad joke.

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