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The Jig Is Up


Jon Papelbon is no longer a Red Sock. 

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Nice pic Nick. Nuke LaLouche lives. I’m a peaceful guy and yet every time I look at that picture I have a sudden urge to punch him in the face.
If the Sox had matched or bested the Phillies’ offer for Papelbon it would have been a bad deal. And yet, losing him on top of everything else simply ads to the already considerable rebuilding required in Boston. Should be one of the more compelling off-seasons in years there.

All signs are pointing to the Sox hiring Sveum as manager, couple of sources are saying he was their choice all along and the other interviews were just going through the motions.
I think they will sign Papi to a 2 year $24m deal soon, then figure out right field. Read that Charrington will forgo a big bat in right if they can re-sign Ortiz. Hopefully they will get at least a right-handed bat to balance the lineup.
On the pitching side saw they told Aceves to come to ST prepared to be a starter so I don’t think they will go after starting pitching. They are still hoping that Jenks will be able to go (in thinking that is a mistake), he is supposed to have back surgery soon and should be ready for spring.

“so I don’t think they will go after starting pitching”
That would be a huge mistake. They have a grand total of 3 real starting pitchers for 2012 (Aceves is not really a full-time starting pitcher, no matter what he thinks). And then after that they have extremely few options once Beckett or Buccholz do their usual DL stint, unless you want to give more starts to Wakefield and Andrew Miller (I think we can all agree these do not count as major league starting options). I’m pretty sure they have a grand total of zero major-league options in their minor league system. Maybe you could start Felix Doubront, but given his injury history to rely on him for anything is foolhardy.
They better stock up on some innings-eaters, fast. The bullpen, uncertain as it is, should be a far distant second in priorities.

Totally agree, Andrew. Much as I like Wakefield, I think the time has come for him to call it a day. And with hardly anything available on the farm they certainly need to get some arms.

Should have read “won’t go after high priced starting pitching”. They will go after lower level FAs and not top line guys. I’m predicting that Wake will be on the staff as a 6th starter/mid relief, unfortunately

Call me crazy but I think the Yankees are going to make a run at Darvish. There HAS to be increased revenue due to having a Japanese star on the team. Half the outfield ads were Japanese when we had Godzilla…

Yep, the manager search will take a breather up till the point Larry tells Cherrington they are going with Bobby V. According to reports I heard today, he has been a candidate all along. I’m guessing back in early November when Lucchino and Valentine were at an event Larry asked him if he was interested and then probably had Ben call him. Then they used the last few weeks interviewing other candidates to see how the media and fans reacted to each one. Sveum was the only one it seems that the media thought could do the job and didn’t question the choice, much.
Bobby V could be a good choice for this team, at least in the short term. Hey, on the bright side at least he won’t be in the booth for ESPN games.

So Cherington wanted Sveum, but ownership rejected him. That’s their prerogative, though exactly a vote of confidence for the new GM.
But going for Bobby Valentine, the man who thinks Grady Little did the right thing in ’03? Crazy!!

Booby Valentine managing the Sox…my hatred level will be greatly increased. That loser HATES the Yankees. Fingers crossed. (no offense)
Of course when it comes to hating Boston teams, the Sox don’t hold a candle to the cheap-ass, punk Bruins!!!!

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