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The Last Third: Tribe/Sox, Yanks WSox Gamerz

I just got back in range of de interwebs; sorry about no gamers. Feel free to comment away here on the end of the action as we get ready for a big weekend of rivalry baseball at Fenway starting tomorrow.

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Looks like Soriano might be coming in for the 8th, though Nova is still going strong and is under 100 pitches.
If he is done, then Nova’s final line for the night:
7 innings, 5 hits, no walks (I said he had one earlier, don’t know why), and a career high 9 strikeouts.
The kid is coming around.

10 K’s for Champagne Super Nova.
How is the WORLD can they take this kid out of the rotation.
10 wins. Most in the AL by a rookie.

With the Boston loss, we’ll be tied with them provided we don’t allow six or more runs in the bottom of the ninth.
And the box score for this game is misleading. There were tons of hard hit balls that just went to the wrong place. This team is swinging well and pitching well (except for Ass Jack Burnout).

It blows my mind that the Yankees 1-4 hitters went 1 for 16, but the team still scored 7 runs. The Yankees are really clicking in all areas right now. Bad time for the Sox to face them.

Yeah sw, the Yanks’ pitchers haven’t allowed a walk in I think 38 or 39 straight innings right now. Some of that is I’km sure due to the impatience of the CWS hitters (Boston doesn’t have that issue so that streak is destined to end shortly!) But if you watched these games you’d also see how remarkably strong the Yankee starters and entire pen has been pounding the K-zone (big exception: AJ — not sure how he didn’t walk anyone…they were too busy putting his balls in play I guess).

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