General Red Sox History

The Legacy

  • Ted Williams, 1939-60
  • Carl Yastrzemski, 1961-73
  • Jim Rice, 1975-87
  • Mike Greenwell, 1987-96
  • Manny Ramirez, 2001-08
  • Carl Crawford, 2011-17?

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Carl Crawford, 2011-2015 when he suffers a hamstring injury and is never the same again.
Seriously though, I’m happy to have him on the team. I know speed is often overrated in the baseball community, but with the most elite base-stealers I feel that it truly is a game-changer.

I don’t think he’s calling him a “legacy”, dc, but rather just listing the last group of LFers to be in Fenway in order.
That being said HE WONT BE IN LF!

well, the title of the post was “legacy”…i didn’t see the disclaimer that you did…if the question mark is intending to do that and was after crawford’s name and not the years, then maybe…

Carl Crawford is an excellent left fielder easily on par with the (lesser) names of the greats who have preceded him. He’s another great left fielder for a franchise that has a nearly continuous line of great left fielders. The question mark is because we don’t know when he’ll stop being a full-time left fielder. Yaz and Rice both gave up the full-time duties to their successor on the list years before retiring.

“i know…just messing with you…crawford is awesome…i’ve seen him in person, and he looks even better than he does on tv…”
That’s where my man-crush came from too…all the Yankee games at the “Dump”. TV doesn’t do justice to how fast he is.

Crawford is the worst one, by far, on this list. I am very glad the Sox overpaid for him. He’s just not that good – he doesn’t get on-base enough and he doesn’t hit for enough power. By legacy standards, he falls very, very short. Plus, his defense is wasted in Fenway.

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