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The Oddity

Jason Bay's line from today's game: 0-for-0, three walks, two HBP.

When's the last time a hitter has reached base all five times he's come to the plate — yet still managed a 1.000 OBP for the game?

That would be last July 30, when Alex Gordon walked five times, twice intentionally, against the Oakland A's. Earlier this year, on April 25, you might remember Mark Teixeira reached base against the Red Sox on five walks. But he also struck out once, leading to the unusual line for the game of .000/.883/.000 (he's actually done this twice in his career).

Overall, since 1954, hitters have gone 0-for-0 with at least five Times On Base just 28 times — none of those by a member of the Red Sox. Mo Vaughn did it once, but that was in 2000, when he was a member of the Angels. The last time (until today) that someone did it while twice being hit by a pitch was in 2000, when Craig Biggio turned the trick. 

Not surprisingly, the record holder for this rare feat is Barry Bonds, who has done it three times.

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Thanks for the research, Paul — I was very curious about this and its relatively rarity.

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