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The Only Thing: Yanks-Rangers ALCS Gamer IV

Phil Hughes faces Texas, who send Colby Lewis to the mound in Arlington.  Comment away. (I know it isn’t the fourth game, but it worked when I screwed it up last time.)

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .278
C. Granderson cf .182
R. Cano 2b .467
A. Rodriguez 3b .133
L. Berkman 1b .286
N. Swisher rf .067
J. Posada c .167
M. Thames dh .200
B. Gardner lf .250
P. Hughes 15.75
E. Andrus ss .294
M. Young 3b .368
J. Hamilton cf .333
V. Guerrero dh .333
N. Cruz rf .333
I. Kinsler 2b .143
D. Murphy lf .286
B. Molina c .417
M. Moreland 1b .364
C. Lewis 3.18

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Possible rain delay? I hope they don’t start the game, then have a LONG rain delay…they should just wait.
That way I can watch the Sabres game first…

Krueg, there’s no way that Granderson was out. He was safe in “real time”, safe in “slo-mo” and safe in frame-by-frame.
Hamilton singles to left, but Andrus is (fortunately) held up.. Gardner brought a great throw in, but Posada bobbled it.
First and third, one away.
Not good.

Another 1-2-3 inning for the impostors wearing the Yankee uniforms. No hitter going as well. It’s kinda tough to win when you cannot even get a fucking hit.

Pitch looked like it hit Swisher and went to the backstop…called a wild pitch…ARod scores??? 1-1???
This is crazy. It definitely hit him. Definitely.

ugh…wish i could find something to feel good about, but this has been excrutiating to watch the yankees unravel the past 2 months…usually, even in defeat, i can come up with 1 thing that i can hang my hat on…you know, a “well, they lost but….” …i guess cano’s great season and post season sort of fill the void, but…ugh…my son says the yankees had been playing like they look old, for most of the season, but mostly obviously the past 2 months…he has a point…ugh…on to football…

trying not to take anything away from the rangers, but could the yankees have played any worse than they did in this series?…yes, i know it was a microcosm of september, but the scary thing about that is that it may not have been an aberration, after all…we didn’t hit, didn’t pitch, and girardi’s midas touch from last year’s post season was missing…i’m trying not to second guess all of his decisions because largely managers are a victim of circumstance…the nature of the job makes them a way too convenient scapegoat…i would have handled a few situations differently, but they may not have played out any better…

It’s the curse of being a YF that losing in the ALCS equates to total failure but it is what it is. I’ll be interested to see this offseason what changes are made. We need some. We are old and slow at this point.

A-Rod’s, Tex’s, and Jeter’s bats didn’t show up, a good pitching job by Pettite was wasted, and Girardi micromanaged as usual. Having said that, we were outhit and outpitched. The Yanks have some big holes to fill over the off-season. Have a nice winter, one and all.

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