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The Queue At The Hall

Sean Forman writes in The New York Times about the forthcoming logjam of Hall of Fame candidates.

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There are no words to accurately describe how worthless AJ Burnett is…I just want to bitch-slap him for being so fucking feeble on the mound.
What a fucking waste of talent and we stuck with his ass for 3 more years. Awesome.

I can’t disagree. He has always been inconsistent, but this year he is more horrible than mediocre. Puts us 3 runs down before rcording a single out against the worst offense in the American League on the night they have King Felix on the mound. Way to step up AJ. The Yanks should still make it to October ball given that the Sox are still losing people (Pedroia on the DL now, Saltalamacchia gets a leg infection – craziness), but if they do, AJ is no longer the number 2. It’s either pettitte if he’s back by then or it’s hughes. Hell, I’d even trust Javy Vazquez over AJ now. Just absolutely horrible.

Well this is officially a horrible night for anyone following either of the teams featured here. Lester pulled after giving up 9 runs in 2 innings and AJ Burnett giving up more runs every inning to the worst offense in the AL while Felix silences the Yankee bats.
And in case you were wondering, the Yankees have arguably the worst defensive catching corps in the majors, at least judging by errors (most in league with 16); caught stealing percentage (17% BEFORE tonight’s bloodbath on the basepads — worst in the league by a lot); fielding percentage (.983 – worst in the league); and all of the zone ratings, for every one of which they rank last in the majors. They are not helped in the CS department by their pitching staff – esp without Pettitte – but they will get run all over come October.

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