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The Return of Carl

From a Sam Borden article at Lohud:

"The thing about Pavano," Posada went on, "is that he was a likable guy. He just was never there. I don't think there was hatred in there; it was more like we all just rolled our eyes at him."

In spite of his ERA, Carl Pavano has had a decent season. Somehow, he's logged almost 200 innings and managed a K/BB of 3.77. His peripherals are good enough to account for a FIP of 4.00, so it appears that his ERA might be the result of a little bad luck and poor fielding around him. This is to say that while his name is Carl Pavano, it might not be such an easy thing to steamroll over him.  But it sure would be great if the Yanks did just that.

Meanwhile, I'm sure another Carl is happy to hear of Joe Torre's most recent accomplishment–a division series sweep. Joe T. makes it to the championship series for the second year in a row. Carl is probably okay with this since it's all happening in the National League.

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