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The Trades You Don’t Make*

Pitcher A, since July 31st: 2-2, 4.75 ERA, 1.47 WHIP, 36IP, 35H, 18BB, 25K

Pitcher B, since July 31st: 2-4, 4.71 ERA, 1.41 WHIP, 42IP, 54H, 5BB, 36K

*(small sample size disclaimer)

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Great stat guys.
It’s funny how these things work, huh?
Clay puts the trade rumors behind him and pitches like the No. 3 we know he can be.
And Roy seems to have lost his edge, now that he knows he’s stuck with the lowly Jays for the rest of the year.
Bottom Line: IMO Halladay would be pitching better if he was in Boston, but Clay sure is making Thoe look like a genius right now.

“Then there’s the 24 starts given to Brad Penny (with the team going 11-13 in them).”
And your point is?

“I think his point is that Papi has a nice smile and doesn’t cheat on his wife.”
well, those are good qualities for sure!

I’m sorry but how does this make Theo look at all like a genius? Didn’t he offer Buchholz, Bowden, and Westmoreland for Halladay?
If you believe these numbers indicate that the two pitchers would have been pitching the same if the move had been made, then how does Theo get credited in any way for having made an offer that would have had him spending much more for Halladay then Buchholz and also losing the other two prospects? He’s a genius because he got turned down?
And if you believe – as I do – that Halladay would have been pitching more like himself were he on a contending team, then again, how does Theo get credit for being turned down?
The only GM this really reflects on is Ricciardi. He already looked foolish when he missed out on getting a deal for Halladay that will never again be on the table. Now he has an ace who probably couldn’t be more demotivated if he tried. It’s like a guy hanging on the edge of a cliff saying “I need to be really blown away before I let someone pull me up”. Now we’re all just waiting for him to fall. Nicely done JP…

IH – where in any comments is it said Theo is a genius? Maybe he’s heaving a big sigh of relief that Clay is going well and Halladay isn’t.
I do agree that JP will never get what was offered for Roy at the trade deadline in the offseason.

Obviously, the thread title refers to JP, who now looks like a fool for not accepting Theo’s offer.

dw, Bottom Line Rob said: “Clay sure is making Thoe look like a genius right now.”
Which, I agree with IH, is stupid.

The first comment refers to Theo looking like a genius, dw. This is beyond premature.
We don’t know what Theo really offered (or JP demanded), but my prior expressed sentiment that JP isn’t entirely competent stands. I am with IH on this one.

I’ve been saying this the moment the deadline passed — that Ricciardi once again had proved his incompetence, etc. etc. Though I agree that Halladay would probably be giving the Sox more value in his starts (than he is already! ba-dup).
It’s wayyy too early to tell if this will join the Jon Lester-Johan Santana trade we’re all happy the Twins were too dumb to accept. For that matter, it’s still too early to tell about that trade, too, though the early indicators sure look good.

Ath, SF and Mark – sorry, I missed it, happens sometimes… grounder right through the legs. :)

Hey! Where’s my apology dw?!? Just kidding. Yeah – that was the comment to which I was refering, not SF’s original post.
And if Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester each prove over the long run to be as good as some of their recent starts, you guys will have a lot to cheer for – and for a long time. Blech.

IH – you get a special one – sorry about that! :)
I think Lester has become my favorite RS player.

For some reason I can’t take Buchholz seriously yet – at least not as seriously as Lester. This is not based on any deep analysis. In fact, it’s based on no analysis. He just doesn’t look the part to me.
Of course, by that rationale, I never would have considered Greg Maddux much of a pitcher either…

Good for Brad Penny, reportedly signing with the Giants. I wonder if he did that because he can pitch agains the Dodgers soon.

Another theme could be: Sometimes I’d rather be lucky than good.
It has been my supposed that the big roadblock in the Halladay-to-Boston talks was JP’s insistence that Vernon Wells be included. I don’t know if this is fact or fiction, but it was discussed at length by Obie and Joe C on the radio during the recent Toronto-Boston series.

This post is composed especially for Rob and I am not responsible for its accuracy: Richardi rejected the Red Sox offer because Theo insisted the Jays take Brad Penny. So because Brad Penny sucks so much, he had a 5+ ERA and the Red Sox went 11-13 in his starts – and he’s fat and ate all the food in the clubhouse and he stole candy from children and sat on and killed someone’s dachsund, too – the Red Sox were spared from having to absorb an equally suck Roy Halladay for the pennant run. So thank goodness for Brad Penny.

In two innings, Toronto has gone from an 11-0 lead over Texas to an 11-9 lead. Toronto sucks.

IBM, that’s the greatest rationalization in the history of YFSF. A+ post right there.
Hooray Brad Penny!

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