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The Vapors: Yanks-Rangers Gamer II

Kuroda for the Yanks, Darvish for Texas. Comment away.

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Cano doubles to lead off the 4th and Teix promptly K’s. Darvish doesn’t look dominant but he is certainly getttting K’s when he needs them. And down goes Swisher on 3 straight.

Gotta give it to Kuroda. He is keeping a tough lineup in check and keeping the Yanks very much in this. Yanks have had RISP with no outs in each of the last 2 innings. Time to break through??

Texas has a pretty stellar infield defense. Darvish working fast. Though they’re only down by 2 it feels like 10. Jeter up. Looking for another multi-hit night after bunting his way on in the 3rd…and he doubles down the 3rd base line. I love that guy.

Cano singles with one out. Followed by weak popout by Teix. Offense unable to string anything together tonight. Darvish only at 84 pitches. He has been impressive. 2 out thunder? Please???

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