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The Beantown Beatdown

Four-plus hours, forty-odd hits, some four hundred pitches, and one big fat blowout for the Bombers. 19-8. Don’t even think about blaming the Bambino and his curse for this one. Just plain ugly. Or beautiful, depending on your perspective. Is there anything left in the Boston tank? Is there anything to stop the front of the Yankee order?

Congratulation to Bernie Williams on becoming the all-time LCS hit leader.

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The headline of choice? Both the Post and News go with a variant of “Sweep Dreams.” Not their best work. “Boston Massacre,” anyone?

“Boston Massacre” would have been a lame headline, and it’s probably been used several times previously. Surely the erudite YF must know that.
How about “Yanks win both games 3 & 4 at once”?

listening to tim mccarver is like nails on a chalkboard for me. i think that he may at times say dumber thins than T.Fran

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