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Yikes! We sure hope Gene Monahan has some muscle relaxant back in the clubhouse. Was this 10 K performance evidence of a new, more, er, relaxed Contreras, or simply the result of a few generous strikezone calls and a free-swinging opponent? We shall see.

Meanwhile, the Big Three-Oh seems to be treating Derek well: 2 homers and a single today, pushing that average to .266.

Finally, Torre indicates that Halsey will have a shot starting against the Sox on Thursday. That’s a tough assignment, and you have to wonder how much of his success will be determined by who’s umping: if he gets a small strike zone, the patient Sox will be in good shape. But when he gets the corners, he seems to have a bit of Jimmy Key in him.

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  • YF’s hesitance in jumping on the “Contreras Reunited with Family, Off to Win Cy Young Award” bandwagon is well-founded. While it’s great for Jose (and Yankees fans, today at least) that his family is back, it really will take 3 or 4 starts to gauge how comfy Contreras is now that he’s whole again. Today’s effort was, I guess for some, heartwarming. But an indication of any consistency? No, not yet. Contreras was facing a truly weak lineup. The Mets, overachieving at .500, fielded a team with 2 guys who aren’t proven major leaguers (Reyes, Matsui), and three other guys who might start for (maybe) 5 other teams (Wigginton, Zeile, Phillips) in all of MLB. So I think YF hits the nail on the head.
    As for me, I can’t wait for the stories in tomorrow’s NYC papers – certainly they will be over the top in their “Jose’s family cures all” fixation. My guess is has already gone there…

    SF June 27, 2004, 5:17 pm

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