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The Empire Strikes Back!

And back and back and back again. Boy that was fun. Forget taught drama; we’ll take a crush job anytime.

Random notes:

-A night of titanic blasts: one into the black and then a loge shot. That’s a first for one game.
-Derek: 3 hits, 2 steals, 2 runs (now hitting .272). The climb continues.
-It’s going to be forgotten with all of those runs and errors, but the Sox going down on 6 pitches in the top of the fourth after the Yanks had just lit up Lowe for 3 runs in the third…that really didn’t help.
-Seemed like the Yankee announcing team was a little harsh on Manny for not running out a pop fly, even though he would have been safe on first if the ball had dropped and there was little hope of making second. So cut him a break. On the other hand….Pedro fraternizing with the Yanks before the game, and then the fans with the Sox down by 8….Decide for yourself.
-Finally: Rudy earned the privilege, Pataki is pushing it, but Cheney? In the House of Ruth? HEY DICK: WHERE’S OSAMA? OR THOSE WMD? OR NY’S FAIR SHARE OF HOMELAND DEFENSE FUNDING? You won’t find the answers in George’s box. Yankee Stadium is blue. Get it? BLUE.

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I am waiting for that little cloud of dust to erupt at the base of the canyon. The Sox’ season is quickly taking on Wile E. Coyote proportions.
One thing, though. Let’s get over the “why are all those right wingers showing up at Yankees games?” line of debate. Face it – the Yankees are the GOP of the Major Leagues. It’s something I have said and something I will continue to say. A team that feels total entitlement, that is run by an ex-felon Nixon supporter, that counts Giuliani, Ari Fleischer as two of their higher profile fans. Let’s get over it, and soon, YF. No more indignation, it rings hollow. It doesn’t mean that all Yankees fans are Republicans, it’s just the case that the Yankees are the most appropriate (and easiest) team to root for if you ARE a Republican.

Is it a coincidence that Yankee-Town is hosting the Wrap-Yourself-In-The-Flag Extravaganza knows as the Republican National Convention, while Boston has invited the Dems? Methinks not.

Please. New York is as much a Democratic stronghold as Boston. That the GOP Convention is being held here means about as much as a Klan meeting held in Bushwick. SF made a good point, and was right on about Steinbrenner, Giuliani, and Fleischer, but all you’re doing is… uh… baiting us. Hook, line, and sinker.

Most ballplayers and owners are Republicans–simple economics count for that, as SF well knows. Politicians root for the Yankees because they’re natural frontrunners and because there’s an aura of 9-11 NY heroism to be gleaned from the association. But that doesn’t make the team Republican, nor does it reflect on its fans, who made their thoughts about this administration perfectly clear last night. Baseball’s roll as the National Pastime is a double-edged sword; there’s always going to be the propensity for politicians to drag the game into their partisan behavior, where it assuredly does not belong. SF should not be in such a hurry to write off any team as “Republican” or “Democrat.” And certain Republicans should realize that Yankee fans won’t sit still and allow themselves, their city, their sport, and their team to be exploited.

Last night the Sox were in town. Meaning plenty of good Bostonians in the house. A few boobirds can easily drown out some cheers. Do the math.

That’s not what happened (but your willingness to bend the truth sounds very…Cheneyesque). This is how The Post heard things (yeah, The Post, not some liberal paper):
Sports fans don’t care for any politician, but the crowd at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night was explosively negative when the face of Vice President Dick Cheney was shown on the scoreboard during the seventh inning….The boos were so immediate and so loud that Cheney’s image was quickly taken off the screen. ”

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