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The Future of Bernie


It seems fitting—and perhaps a harbinger of things to come—that the picture sitting at the top of his website shows Bernie Williams holding a guitar and not a bat and glove. With a platoon at first base, and Melky as the primary reserve outfielder, there would appear to be little place on the Yankee roster for Old 51. At the moment anyway—things have a way of changing as the season approaches. There’s been much speculation around of late that Bernie might hang up his cleats. If he does, we can only thank him for so many wonderful seasons. If he chooses to play on with another squad, we wish him the best, too. Ballplayers play ball. That’s what and who they are. If that’s what he enjoys, there’s no reason—in our humble opinion—that he should simply not do it so he can remain a “Yankee for Life.” He”ll always be a Yankee, in our minds, no matter where he plays his last game. Thanks for the memories!

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Aha! The culprit has been located!
Finally, a picture of the dreaded instrument that Bernie makes those excruciating sounds with.

SF’s journey within has been a tortuous, unsettling ride. I guess the Sox will do that to ya. So sad.

yf…thanks for the tribute to bernie…one of my alltime favorite yankees…and i’m with you, even if he doesn’t retire as a yankee, he’ll always be a yankee in my heart, and should he play his last games even in a [shudder] red sox uni, i’d still love him, and even root for him….a little…
sf, i know you’re just kidding, i think…bernie is a much better musician than when i first heard him…in the beginning, it hurt to listen to him, but i think he’s much improved…

Doens’t Bernie take part in that whole Theo Espstein, Peter Gammons and Bronson Arroyo rock concert thing every year? I’ve never heard him, but I have heard others say that show is pretty decent.

I HOPE HOPE HOPE the Yanks can find a place for Bernie, but I agree with others that even if he plays elsewhere, he will ALWAYS be a Yankee in my book. Its sad that it might come down to just not having a spot for him on the roster. :-(

CB, that’s exactly how I feel in my heart. In reality, I can not justify a place for Bernie on the roster at the expense of other players. It’s a simple fact that he is a liability defensively, and a marginal situational contributor at the plate. Selfishly, the best thing that could happen for me personally is for Bernie to sign a one-day contract, come to opening day, and say goodbye so I can thank, adore, and wish him well as he moves to the next stage of his life. Unfortunately, i can not justify him displacing someone (Kevin Thompson, for example) waiting for their chance off the 25-man roster.
Bernie is one of the best. I will always remember him that way. It’s always hard to say goodbye to a great. If he drags it out, it becomes less difficult to say goodbye.

Brad, I didn’t know about Bernie’s participation in that concert, but I have read that as a classical guitarist, he’s got serious chops.

He really shouldn’t get a spot on the Yankees roster, and I have to admit that seeing him in another uniform would suck. If he does that, I understand. I’d be sad, though.

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