The Future of Giambi

This is something that has come up in several posts as an aside, but seems like a significant enough subject to warrant its own thread.

Let’s state for the record that Jason Giambi has been nothing if not a fine professional in his time as a Yankee; the speculation here is essentially idle and based on nothing but intuition. So if you’re reading Jason (how about a post?!), please take no offense.

With that out of the way, let’s lay out some facts about his status:

-As noted by SF, Giambi’s batting average as a Yankee has been way below what was expected.
-His defense is adequate, at best.
-He should spend a reasonable amount of time at DH, for health reasons.
-Bernie Williams is slotted as the Yankee DH, and he’s a switch hitter as well as untradable due to his status as a 10 year vet with 5 years on the same team.
-Jorge Posada may also vie for time at DH.
-With A-Rod, Giambi’s offense is less crucial, and there may be more of a premium on defense.
-The Yankees have needs: anything can happen with the starting pitching; the minors are light on prospects.
-Giambi’s implication in the Balco scandal may become a problem. (Again, innocent until proven guilty.)

Now the good news:

-That batting average may be low, but Giambi’s power numbers are still terrific, and his OBP is absolutely fantastic.
-There may well be some teams out there with a surplus of pitching and the need for a big bat. Billy Beane and John DePodesta seem obvious targets.
-New York may be willing to absorb salary.

So, it may not happen soon, and it may not happen at all, but we’re guessing that Brian Cashman will be open to conversations regarding the status of #25.

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  • I 100% agree. Giambi’s wonderful OBP and patience at the plate, as well as power, could easily be counterbalanced with a more solid defensive first baseman who puts up reasonable offensive numbers. Some writers have said it is Jeter who should be looking over his shoulder due to the acquisition of A-Rod (position move, captaincy, blah blah blah, not sure I agree at all), but the real player left hanging is Giambi – he looks awfully expendable at this point (not even accounting for Sheffield’s contributions!). The big issue is how, exactly, to move his contract. Selig’s statement doesn’t necessarily hold any weight, but any trade of Giambi would have to include a big sack of money along with the player.

    SF February 17, 2004, 10:40 pm

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