The Joys of Summer

The city empties out for the holiday weekend, leaving few around to fight for reservations at quaint West Village Austrian restaurants. We enjoy wiener schnitzel, salzburger nockerl, then take an easy trip up 8th Avenue to home and a nightcap of schadenfreude, arriving in time to see the Yankees drop another one. Things get even sweeter when Keith Foulke and the Sox dump the Rangers 2-0, drawing within 2.5 games, 2 in the LC. And nothing like the cherry on top of the sundae, Kevin Brown breaks his (left) hand punching the wall of the clubhouse, a brilliant move from a very very nice man. Cashman appears droopy eyed, seemingly near tears, on the YES postgame show, like a teenager who just took his Dad’s new car out for a spin and dinged it trying to park. A wonderful summer’s eve.

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  • Better enjoy it. The Yanks are done. This just blows. Alex Rodriguez has been a joke, Giambi is done for the year, and now this? I would be pretty pissed that they could only muster one lousy run against the freaking Orioles, but to break your hand? Just great. I have little to no faith in this team, I hate to say it.

    JeremyM (YF) September 3, 2004, 11:05 pm
  • //I have little to no faith in this team, I hate to say it.//
    Spoken like a true yankees fan. Just like when you guys booed Jeter, and now you clear out of that stadium like a bomb went off when they start losing. This is why I hate the Yankees and I especially hate their fans. You don’t owe your team any faith / hope / loyalty after 26 world championships? Shame on you.

    beth September 4, 2004, 7:19 pm

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