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Well, I don’t know if the Sox will hold on tonight, but Curt Schilling’s effort tonight has been just amazing – almost as clutch, if not more clutch under the weather conditions, as his ALCS game 6 effort. Considering the Sox have given the Cards 4 extra outs, it’s as if Schilling went 7+ innings in near-freezing temperature, with an ankle in worse shape than ever before, against a truly scary lineup. It’s an overplayed line that pro athletes can act like “warriors”, but Schilling’s work this past week, at least in metaphorical terms, has been just that.

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  • Superb start to the WS, but it’s JUST a start. Two more wins to go, and without those two wins this is all for naught.
    It’s time for Pedro to step up, and get the Sox one game closer. As for me, tomorrow is a much needed night off from baseball. Thanks, Curt!!!!

    SF October 24, 2004, 11:43 pm

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