The Negotiator

Sheff says more funny things on the way out:

"For a 38-year old man to get a three-year deal worth $41 million …
and I’m coming off a major wrist injury," Sheffield said. "Let me know
when another 38-year old man, not a pitcher, can do this. I made
history, man, and I did it myself.

"I know how people think. I know how organizations think. I know how
owners think. When people challenge me, the game is on. I shouldn’t be
challenged in that department. When it comes to negotiations, I’m the
best at it."

Certain post-modernists claim that history is dead. Not so fast. Sheffield is making history. Where does this rank on the list of important individual history-making feats? It’s definitely more important than Einstein’s whole Relativity thing, but I still think it’s less impressive than Randy Johnson’s epoch-changing two-year extension in 2005. And it doesn’t approach Carl Pavano’s recent master stroke…But it’s definitely important and historic.

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