The Other Shoe: BrooklynSF Speaks

In this day of growing double digit leads, BrooklynSF chimes in:
Where I work, there are a great many Red Sox fans.  Certainly something I’m not used to growing up a Sox fan in Brooklyn.  Most have been beaten down enough times not to allow even a 52 game lead with 51 to play cause them to bust out the bubbly.  But, there are still a few, (even after Bucky Dent, Bill Buckner, and Aaron Boone) that are already making post-season plans.  To each of these fellow Sox fans, I approach with this…
"Look up towards the sky…look closely, behind the clouds, beyond where the birds fly, deep into the vast blue universe…tell me what you see…You don’t see it?   No, you’re not gazing carefully enough.  There it is…clear as day…surely a real Red sox fan can’t miss it — there it is…it’s rotting sole, it’s disgustng tongue, and it’s strangling laces that would cause one to choke.  What?  What is it I see…?
More soon…
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  • mean Aaron Boone?

    stuck working May 28, 2007, 12:13 pm
  • Denny Galehouse, Bob Stanley, Bucky Dent, Calvin Schiraldi, Bill Buckner’s knees, AND Aaron Boone.

    Tom sf May 28, 2007, 1:08 pm

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