The Power of the Hat Redux

We thought we’d get back to this here, if only to set the record straight. The reason New Yorkers cringe at the site of SF’s “Series Champs” cap is because they’re embarrased for SF. It’s not just that it’s an ugly cap (though it is that). It’s the bad taste in wearing the cap around New York that’s so unseemly. The only reason to wear such a hat is to make a public display of oneself. So New Yorkers figure you’re either childish or trying to rub in your victory (making you a sore, spoiled winner) or both. So it’s not really the hat that repels, it’s the person wearing it.

What kind of reaction would you expect if you wore a Team USA cap down a Parisian street? We’re guessing there’d be a few turned heads. Would all those head turners be haters of our nation? Probably not. What they’d find distasteful would be having someone shove their (foreign) allegiance in their faces. And–guess what–they’d be right.

Now I’m sure SF has some defense for his behavior—”I’m expressing my joy! It’s been 86 years! It’s a free country! Yankee fans can dish it out but not take it!”—but as far as we’re concerned, a tant is a tant.

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  • I am hesitant to respond to this churlish post of YF, but I have to point out one thing that he knows to be true, that has been stated numerous times on this site, and that tears down this entire post: I live in NYC, and have for ten years+. If I want to wear this hat, am I supposed to take the Acela to Boston just so I can put it on? Does every Red Sox fan in another city with a MLB club have to abide by a moratorium on wearing a champs hat or risk being deemed a repellent human being? YF knows I make the Big Apple my home, so his dishonesty and blunt nastiness here are transparent and unbecoming.

    SF December 2, 2004, 9:18 am
  • Sox hats in NYC don’t bug me, even if I did see a ton of spanking-clean new ones shortly after the serious ended. New York’s a diverse place, other than being the home town of the Yankees (and that other team). I certainly don’t avoid eye contact with Sox-hat-wearing people, but then I’m probably not an average fan.
    Some columnist on ESPN said, day after the win, that he didn’t see a single Yankee hat as he walked through midtown on his way to the studio. I guess his vision was still obscured by champagne, because there have been plenty of Yankee hats strolling around, from the dark hours after the ALCS through the Sox’s championship run.

    Clay December 2, 2004, 11:07 am
  • it never ceases to amaze me how yankees fans have cornered the market on proper public behavior. now that they can’t chant “1918” at us, they can lecture us at length on our “unseemliness” “childishness”, and my personall favorite, “classiness”, or lack thereof. really, it cracks me up how, when the tables are turned and the yankees are the ones who lost, yankees fans can claim the moral high ground they so scorned sox fans for taking before.
    are you seriously unaware of your own hypocrisy? does the contradiction of any of this ever occur to you at all? seriously, let me know. i’m pretty curious.

    beth December 2, 2004, 3:35 pm

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