The Price of History Vol. XI: The 2.35 Million Dollar Baby


Behold the holy grail of baseball cards: the T206 Honus Wagner. American Tobacco put it out in 1909, but without Wagner’s permission, so the card was pulled from production. If you were prescient enough, you could have picked one up for a song back in the sixties (or before), when only six copies were known to exist. (In 1961, Jefferson Burdick’s American Card Catalog, the Bible of the collecting hobby—the “T206” designation is actually its ACC catalog code—listed it at $50.) Now there are more than 50 in circulation, but only one is considered to be in “mint” condition. This card’s provenance includes a Great One from another sport—Wayne Gretzky had a financial stake in it at one time. Now it’s got another owner, an anonymous Southern Californian, who shelled out $2.35 million for the honor. Anyway, sure beats a Jeter card with Dubya.

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  • I had two of those. I lost one in an insanely intense game of flip that ended with juice boxes being thrown at each other by the participants, the other I traded for a mint Biff Pocoroba rookie card in the early 80s.

    SF February 28, 2007, 7:03 am
  • Biff Pocoroba!

    YF February 28, 2007, 9:02 am

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