The Price of History, Vol. VI

As our faithful readers know, we like to keep an eye on the auction market, not as buyers, but because it amuses us. This past Saturday in New York, Sotheby’s had one of it’s occassional sales. The material was perhaps not as sexy as we’ve seen, but there were a few goodies:

-1870s Red Stockings baseball cards: $120k
-Babe Ruth bat from 1927: $102k
-His 1930 contract: $84k
-1927 Yankees signed ball: $36k
-1966 Mickey Mantle bat: $66k
-1967 Reggie Jackson KC A’s jersey (sleeveless): unsold!

If these price tags sounds a bit stiff, check out’s auction site, where two hundred bucks will get you a pair of “game used socks”worn by Orlando Cabrera in the 04 World Series. We hope they’ve been washed.

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