There is another question, actually

There is another question, actually a rhetorical question, w/r/t the Guerrerro situation: Why didn’t the Expos trade him last year if they knew they couldn’t re-sign him? Obviously there was never a chance to keep him in the fold, that fact is made transparent as they didn’t offer him arbitratration even AFTER they traded Vazquez – it wasn’t like they offered him arb. and then had to dump Vazquez in order to afford Vlad. The Expos are a sham, we both agree, and this move, in concert with the dump of Vazquez, is the biggest indication that this team should be dissolved. What is harder to answer is who is at fault. Surely the owners deserve considerable blame, that almost goes without saying. But I have to believe that the MLBPA has to shoulder some of the burden on this one too – they opposed contraction in any situation (though with the Twins fiasco they had a point), and through their own intractability they have also helped antagonize this situation. The Expos are a joke, and both players and owners are at fault.

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