There is no reason to

There is no reason to believe that the Yankee negotiations with Sheffield were intentionally done in by the Yankees in order to pursue Vlad, and the fact that this deal has hit the skids clearly belies the Braves disingenuous claims that it has long been written in stone. If the Yankees were the ones calling off this deal, you know Sheffield would be the first one complaining to the press. Instead, even his friends are questioning why he tried to hit the Yankees up for more money (see today’s Post). I sure wouldn’t want Sheff to act as my agent: the second Vlad comes ON to the market he starts asking for more money. Isn’t that the time to sign on the dotted line and be thankful your price isn’t dropping?! By all means, the Yankees should go get Vlad. YF has never been enamored with the prospect of Sheffield as a Yankee. Meanwhile, as Steinbrenner asserts control, it is indeed looking like we’re coming to the end of the Yankee dynasty and along with it, the ascendancy of the Sox. If, as is rumored today, they are able to acquire A-Rod and then offload Nomar to the Angels for Eckstein and Jarrod Washburn, they will be unstoppable. Why the Angels would give up Washburn, however, is far beyond me, even with the signing of Colon. And now that Colon is no longer avaiable, the signing of Pettitte is even more crucial for the Yankees. So the revelation in today’s papers that the Yankees have been lollygagging and not simply playing a long game, is troubling. Finally, I humbly eat crow. I thought there would be more of a buyers market this offseason, fueled by what is an (unspoken) collusion to keep salaries down.

Posted by YF on 12/10/2003 02:55:11 PM

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