There’s A New Boss In Town (When The Old One Decides To Leave)

A small Daily News article gives us an early look at the owner-in-waiting, and Spidey should be euphoric. Steve Swindal, George’s son-in-law and lucky heir, is a Tar Heels fan; and he can’t stand those bastards from Durham. I wonder if A-Rod’s time with the Bombers is winding down. Also, this makes the reality of Steinbrenner’s departure that more real. And I’m not sure about you, but I’ve got some mixed feelings about that.

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  • I don’t have mixed feelings at all. I never want this current version of Steinbrenner to leave. He is a fan’s owner and spends whatever he has in the tank to win, unlike the overwhelming majority of sports franchise owners.
    I don’t think A-Rod will be going anywhere because of his price tag, but I doubt that we’ll see that many more blockbuster A-Rod type deals. It was vintage Steinbrenner. No one can rip the hearts out of RSN like he can, except maybe Bucky and Aaron.

    lp March 1, 2006, 11:35 am
  • No one can rip the hearts out of RSN like he can, except maybe Bucky and Aaron.
    As an experienced “my heart’s been ripped out numerous times” Sox fan, I put Steinbrenner pretty far down on the list, if he even makes it at all. This may come as a surprise. Steinbrenner is a blowhard and an a-holish ex-convict, but I don’t harbor much hatred towards the guy, or blame him for any heart-ripping. He is, as you say, a devoted and laudable Owner, even as he’s clearly a megalomaniac. Quickly, here’s a list of several people who would be way higher up on that chart, and a bunch of them aren’t even on other teams.
    Bob Stanley and, through guilt by association, Rich Gedman
    John MacNamara – maybe my all-time #1.
    Haywood Sullivan and Buddy LeRoux, or whoever “forgot” to mail Pudge’s contract.
    Jean Yawkey
    Ray Knight
    Larry Barnett
    There are probably more, but who has the time.

    SF March 1, 2006, 12:14 pm
  • He may be down the line on your list, but we know he’s near the top of Lucky’s and Theo’s.
    Hence the coining of “Evil Empire”.

    lp March 1, 2006, 1:02 pm
  • My mixed feelings stem from his past sins (spying on Winfield, donating money to Nixon, etc.) and his obvious committment to the team I root for. It’s hard to truly admire a guy who cut dental benefits for stadium employees while Yankee payroll and ticket prices increased. Most (if not all) owners are probably as morally dubious, so I’m not being naive here, but still that doesn’t make his mistakes forgiveable.
    Another thing is that during this run, as long as Stenbrenner has kept away from personnel decisions, the team has benefited. It’s essential that he’s willing to spend loads of money, but it’s also a good thing when he doesn’t interfere. Just look at Gene Michael’s tenure.

    NickYF March 1, 2006, 1:23 pm

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