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These Go To Eleven: Braves-Yanks Gamer II

When you need that extra push over the cliff.  Hudson v. Kuroda, comment away.

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Complete Hiroki meltdown in the 4th…
Got rocked like we are used to seeing.
LUCKILY, only 2 runs scored because of bad base running as Chavez tagged out their scrub before their other scrub scored.
Time to score more runs.
When’s the last time we scored 6-7 runs in an inning?

Flailing away at breaking pitches like I would…
When he is off, he looks fucking awful at the plate.
3-3 after 4.
Could have blown the game open there. But we never do so whatever…

Tex gunned at the plate.
NO FUCKING IDEA why he was going home from second on that…
I feel like our 3rd base coach is garbage. That was fucking really, really stupid.
3-3 after 5.

Well, going to take some walk-off magic tonight to pull this one out…
No HR’s yet so we’re due?
That or after winning the first 4 of 6 against the sorry-ass Braves maybe they are?
3-4 heading to the 9th…

Am in 10th row behind the Nats dugout as they battle the Rays. So far we’ve had a delay caused by a malfunctioning sign, a video-reviewed homerun, a Hideki Matsui pinch hit (he grounded out), and, most interestingly, a Rays relief pitcher kicked out apparently for doctoring the ball (the umps took his mitt and locked it away 5 minutes before pulling him from the game. Eventful! Bummed to see the Yanks streak in danger in the 9th…

Hughes is back to normal…
First inning.
Throwing everything for a ball or right over the plate to be crushed.
As I’m typing…HR.
Game over.
The real Yankees are back.
Fucking pathetic.

BS K for Cano…one of those where the home plate umpire calls it without going to 3rd.
1-3 after 1.
With Hughes on the mound? It’s going to get worse so we’ll need about 10 to win today.
More likely an extended losing streak is on the way…

Is that 5 HR’s in 5 innings???
Hughes is BACK BABY!!!!
If this motherfucker is pitching the game I’m going to next week, I”m going to fucking kill myself.

Fucking failure. Like most of the time.
1st and 3rd with 1 out…
Guess what???? DOUBLE PLAY BABY!!!!
Fucking asshole. He should give SO much of his money back. He’s been stealing from the Yankees for years now…
5-6 after 7.

That’s great, Krueg. I saw him pitch in Seattle once many years ago. I don’t remember if the Yankees won or lost, we had so much fun before the game. And during the game. And after the game.

I think I saw him pitch in Tampa years ago…hard to remember after all the beers and with all the games I went to over the years.
This is my second game at the Stadium. Saw CC pitch at the Steinbrenner/Shepard game in ’10, and now Pettitte!
I am stoked.

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