These Don’t Go To Eleven

But they should have. For those of you who wisely slept throught it, the Yanks burned away not one but two four-run-leads last night before the Giambino K’d looking with the bases juiced to end the game. (Apparently he’s learned to pass up the juice in all its forms.) This, by the way, was the second time they had squandered a bases-jammed opportunity (the first came with Bernie at the plate), and in both cases a reasonable question might well have been, WHY THE F*CK IS THE HOTTEST PLAYER IN BASEBALL NOT GETTING A SHOT HERE? And we don’t mean Robinson Cano. But whatever. If there’s any blame to assess for this loss it belongs to the very generous Yankee defense, which continues to provide its opponents with extra outs. Our bombers have thus far allowed 31 unearned runs. The Sox? 10. And of course this doesn’t even begin to account for all those balls that land for hits that shouldn’t.

But really this is no time to complain. Ten in a row, most of them on the road? We’ll take it. Bring on the Mets.

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  • Well, reasonable gamble by Joe, I think. Came up snake eyes with the Giambino apparently employing the unorthodox strategery of trying to draw a walk by watching 87mph meatballs float by over the fat part of the plate, but had Jason actually gotten a hit, it might have relieved a lot of pressure both on Joe and on the Albatross himself, of course. Worth a shot. But your point about the unearned runs is a good one, YF. What is going on? ARod already has six errors! And, again, I never want to see Gordon in an important spot. Cash should be on the horn 24/7 trying to move that scrub. Bring on Petey and the Shmets!

    Spidey May 19, 2005, 6:31 pm

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