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Thing Going On: O’s-Yanks Gamer VII

What to say but just keep doing that thing that you do, gang. Hughes hurls for the Bombers, who get their third look this year at Jeremy Guthrie. Lineups follow, comment away.

B. Roberts 2b .293
A. Jones cf .366
N. Markakis rf .327
A. Huff 1b .273
M. Mora 3b .253
T. Wigginton dh .210
N. Reimold lf .250
C. Moeller c .216
R. Andino ss .222
J. Guthrie rhp 5.21
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .276
J. Damon lf .327
M. Teixeira 1b .241
A. Rodriguez 3b .194
H. Matsui dh .252
N. Swisher rf .230
R. Cano 2b .296
M. Cabrera cf .315
K. Cash c .100
P. Hughes rhp 7.56

187 replies on “Thing Going On: O’s-Yanks Gamer VII”

SFs – Victor Martinez? They can’t be serious, can they? The only good thing is he’s cheap in dollars. But he certainly won’t be in prospects.

Phew, good thing for that elbow pad.
Someone on the Orioles is getting plunked today…three guesses as to who it will be.

That’s certainly what it seems like. Kid needs to grow a pair, which is exactly why he needs to pitch in the majors. He doesn’t get into many adverse situations in the minors, and when he does, well, who cares anyway? It’s the minors.

A nice cheapie for Swisher! The Yankees finally using the short porch to their advantage (although I’m certainly not complaining about the monster shots to center)!

Swisher and Cano’s were equivalent to those pop-fly green monster HRs at Fenway, but Melky’s was out anywhere.
Cash can’t hit a homerun here…can he?

Here’s a great test for Hughes. The double was his fault, but that’s a tough break on the Roberts hit. Let’s see how he reacts, a DP ball would be great.

NICE strikeout from Hughes. Adam Jones helped him out by keeping the bat checked, rookie mistake.

Eh, that single was kind of “lucky”.. but we’ll see if he has enough composure to get out of it..

Wow, strike them out throw them out – I thought the guy on first would at least delay it so the guy on 3rd could score, but not a heads up play and Hughes gets some help getting out of this one..

WOW, great inning. Markakis looked at a strike three right down the middle, and Cash’s throw to second actually beat Roberts as they caught him in a rundown.

Nice comeback by Franchise! Strikes out Jones then Markakis on a sweet breaking ball, Roberts caught trying to steal 2B.

Wow, Jones’ throw from the warning track in center hits the 1B-man chest-high glove without a bounce, almost doubling off A-Rod.
Very impressive.

Sweet, Cano and Swisher show signs of life as Swisher walks and Cano singles in A-Rod. I thought for sure this would end the Yankees’ winning streak, now who knows when it may end?

Okay, Melky has a real bad look of pain. He might be really injured, but he just looks out of breath.
But he stays in the game, phew.

Hughes’ fastball has lost a mph, but he still strikes out Huff for the second time today. I like this strategy of striking out batters that make fools of themselves.

Ugh, that Jons HR burns. Hughes was starting to cruise, and got squeezed on two pitches leading leading up to that.

Jays pitching just gave up another homerun to Jason Varitek.
Yeah…no one is worried about them.

9 K’s for Franchise through 5. Unfortunately two mistakes hammered for homers make this a close game, but I’d say he looks pretty good.

Oh, and TB pitching has given up 5 runs to Oakland hitting so far…their pitching has been predictably bad. And with that bullpen, well…
It’s going to be lonely at the top.

WHOA. Now Tex gets hit. I guess that’s the only spot these pathetic Oriole pitchers can hit. They are improving, but they have a LOOOONNNNG way to go before they even want to sniff contention, let alone .500.

So when does Guthrie get a warning from the umpire? That was right in the middle of the batters’ box.
I guess the umpires feel sorry for one of the more pathetic franchises in the sport.

Unfortunately the Yankees play right into Guthrie’s hands by swinging at anything he throws. You don’t have to catch up to the bottom half of the lineup, guys!

Tex plunked and A-Rod almost plunked for the second time. O’s coming in there with a little too much impunity for my liking. Probably need to ge6t one of theirs for posterity.

WOW…Damon throws out a guy at second (great tag by Cano). I thought Mora had decent speed, but after watching him chug into second twice, it appears not.

My Yankee fan friend just IM’d me saying Hughes left the game with an elbow injury. Can anyone verify this?

Ellsbury just tied the Red Sox record for putouts in an inning (10). The MLB record is 12.

Aceves looking like a nice weapon out of the bullpen. There’s your longman, plus more?
Bruney then Mo. Let’s do it.

So what? He’s not Kyle Farnsworth. You really more comfortable with HR-happy Coke than Bruney?

Hmm, Yankees getting to a guy early but letting him off the hook, smells like a late-inning heartbreaker. Please don’t put Coke in, Joe, matchup games are stupid when trying to protect late-inning leads.

Well, I’m not comfortable with any of them besides Ace but when’s the last time you saw Bruney pitch on consecutive nights? let alone coming off an injury…

Swisher with a clutch walk! Would love for Robbie to bring in an insurance run here. And he needs to strt coming through in these situations.

Well Cano (.235 career w/ bases loaded) comes through! 6-3. Let’s pick up a couple more and let Mo take the rest of the night off.

Cano! Raises his batting average with the bases loaded for once. Great game from him, last three games he’s been productive. Hopefully he continues hitting and gets that average back up there.

Melky drives in another. I have to say…he looks great at the plate. Jumping on the first pitch when it’s a fattie, recognizing pitches and working the count at other times…I am starting to think the improvement might be real, which would be tremendous for us.

Replay shows Swish was safe – Moeller never even touched him, so I don’t know what he was whining about.

Yeah, I don’t think Mo is coming back in. He shouldn’t, you don’t want to injure him.

Two run double for Jeter makes it 10-3. No way Mo comes out for the ninth now.

And Girardi sends Mo out for the ninth after a half hour layoff to protect an 8-run lead. Totally inexcusable.

See Mo? I think you would rather have one less homerun than one more save on your record.
But yeah, this is on Girardi. Totally inexcusable, absolutely no reason to use Rivera. Now if he pitches tomorrow, he probably won’t be available the next day. Just dumb.

(there, that was pretty easy actually)

Well, that’s but a small damper on our eights straight win but if we need Mo tomorrow and hes not available, that’s going to look awfully stupid.

A no-hitter? What kind of negative reinforcement is that? You’ll be singlehandedly responsible for breaking the Yankees win streak.

I concur. Krueg, the Yankees have your reverse-jinx negativism to thank for their win streak. Such positive attitude will sure doom them all.

The negative reinforcement is killing my soul…don’t no how much longer I can keep it up!!!
Even if I break the streak tonight, I have to be given credit for getting us back on track…right??? ;)

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