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Tyler Kepner’s Sunday piece on C.C. Sabathia has an interesting quote from Jorge Posada, who says that due to C.C.’s rapid delivery, “I got plenty of time to throw a guy out.”

This makes Yankee fans happy.

The rest of this filler-piece delves into the touchy-feely realm of leadership, camaraderie, and clubhouse “chemistry.” Normally, gerbil glides over this sort of fluff, but rah-rah is better than reading tawdry tripe telling of nice Johns. Better yet, Kepner does something special in this article by giving us the gift of a word game:

Mike Mussina was cerebral and introverted, Kevin Brown was edgy and antisocial, Randy Johnson was suspicious and insecure.

This also makes Yankee fans happy, because now we have something to do while waiting for baseball to start. Let your free association fly, and play by the rules Kepner unwittingly penned.

Here are a few starters:

Joe Torre was stoic and sleepy.
Carl Pavano was Edsel and Corvair.
David Wells was round and sticky.
Curt Schilling was sock and bloody.
Karim Garcia was angry and who?
Kevin Youkilis was furry and furrier.
Shelley Duncan was Gomer and Pyle.
Dustin Pedroia was shorter and shortiest.

and…. GO!

7 replies on “This And That”

Derek Jeter was calm-eyed and fistpumpy.
Curt Schilling was heroic and mouthy.
Jason Varitek was overpaid and leadershipful.
Jacoby Ellsbury was pretty and speederish.

Kepner pens: “Sabathia uses a slide step from the stretch, which helped Jorge Posada catch three potential base stealers in a minor league game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.”
Posada tossed out Pirates. There’s your answer.

Chris Carter was hitty and unfieldy
Mark Tiexiera was neuveau riche and unsuspecting
Mike Lowell was grateful and wobbly
Jon Lester was heroic and grateful
David Letterman was old and married
Sarah Palin was opportunistic and disingenuous
Dick Cheney was clouded and bitter
Joe Girardi was protective and suspicious
Bernie Williams was graceful and persevering
Carl Yastrzemski was persevering and workmanlike
Bill McNeal is innocent and jaded

I missed the game Lar, went to bed at a reasonable hour. Daisuke won the MVP again though, which is sweet.

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