This is another tiresome subject.

This is another tiresome subject. The sabermetric data (plays per inning, etc) measuring Jeter’s defensive performance can be misleading. Regardless, your assertion that he’s one of the worst defensive ss in the last decade is nonsense. Does Nomar have better range? Yeah. Career he’s made 4.55 chances per game to Derek’s 4.12. But Jeter makes fewer errors and ends up with a better fielding percentage. So the stats aren’t that distant. Jeter has been more durable, and there’s no discounting the value of a consistent presence at that central position. Meanwhile, as the pundits have been celebrating Lambchop’s decisive moves to bolster the Sox, the Yankees have now gone up by 3.5, and will return from a difficult West Coast swing (Angels, As) in first place no matter what happens in Oakland.

Posted by YF on 8/1/2003 03:03:08 PM

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