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Those Plucky Underdogs from Boston: Sox-Rangers Gamer I

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can throw out all those predictions now — the unanimity of the projection systems; the consensus of the experts from ESPN, CBS, Sports Illustrated and Fox; even the consensus of the online statistical community — because the season has begun, and the Red Sox are in second place.

Not only that, but their game today is against a pitcher who posted a 0.86 ERA against them in three starts (21 innings) last season and has already forced the Sox to sit one of their vaunted left-handed hitters. C.J. Wilson has held all current Red Sox hitters to a collective line of .151/.244/.219

Not only that, but they face the reigning American League champs, the club that has won the season series from Boston two straight years, winning 13 of 19 in that stretch. 

Not only that, but because the game is against Texas, it's blacked out on where I live, and I won't be near a TV to watch it. So, needless to say, this season isn't starting out all that great.

On the other hand, the Sox have the apparent 2011 Cy Young favorite on the mound, and he's no slouch either. Jon Lester has a 3-1 record and a 2.35 ERA against the Rangers in his last five starts dating back to 2008. 

So, who knows, maybe the Red Sox will pull off a miracle and win this thing — and even have a pretty good season, too.

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Yes, it will hopefully be accurate to say in October that the Sox came from behind to wrest the division from the Yankees, a team that blew their first place position.

I though, you know, I’ll just DVR it, and then not listen to it or not check YFSF for the gamer.
I can’t. I’m physically not capable of staying away from it.

Haha, thankfully I work on a college campus with pervasive wi-fi. I’ll be working on my laptop while parked in front of a TV in the Campus Center; much better than the usual Gameday fun…

I could go up to the cafeteria, but that’s just annoying. I’ll just sit in the lab and listen like a schmuck while all my buddies are living it up.

Not a double. Gonzalez, the self-described slowest runner on the team, thrown out at second. Still, 2-0 is a great start against a guy like Wilson.

Pedroia shows what real range looks like, and Gonzalez with the nice scoop for the out. Good defense from three of the four infielders that inning.

Ok so Bobby V just advocated for two first bases, one in foul terr and one in fair terr. So runners going to don’t interfere with 1st basemen, question would be which one would 1st baseman tag?

Crawford looked bad in that at bat. Like I said, J.D. Drew was not the player who really should have been sitting for this game, but politics is politics.

I sprung for the extra $20 for the MLB TV premium, just so I can watch the NESN broadcasts at all times. No more Hawk Harrelson or Rex Hudler idiocy, just pure hometown idiocy!

Just got a little bit under it. No results from him so far, but he had a good at bat there. Crawford just handled his first opportunity with no drama. And Lester, knock on wood, seems to be settling in, though he doesn’t have any strikeouts yet.
Beltre with the seeing-eye grounder into left.

Should get my wife to post here, she’d be the female, sf equivalent to krueg, last single off lester she was screaming about how he sucks and the need to get him out of the game. She does that all the time

Drat. Another well-hit ball that dies before the track. Wilson won’t pitch past next inning I don’t think. Seems like the Sox should have five runs, maybe six, but have fallen short. Still, four off Wilson in five innings should have been good enough for Lester. He needs to keep the deficit at one here.
Gotta run home, might be able to re-join before the game is out but not sure. Go Sox!

Hey Paul!
He wiggled out of this particular situation, but it sucks to check in with the 15 minutes I’m “allowed” to look in at work and find the Sox are in a hole when they should be cruising. Hopefully they can grab one more this inning and get into a bullpen battle.

Wilson is out. Hopefully this portends good things to come. He made Crawford and Ortiz look awful. No way Ortiz should have been in there, but whatcha gonna do? It’s Opening Day.
So Saltalamacchia hits righties better than lefties, and Washington brings in a… righty? Weird choice.

Rant: C.J. Wilson gets a standing O from the Texas crowd for … giving up 4 runs in 5.2 innings? Being lucky enough to get a three-run homer from Mike Napoli just inside the foul pole? I don’t get it. He didn’t pitch all that well. Leaving with the tying run on first base isn’t really cause for celebration…

Losses, bro, losses.
Can’t wait for Burnett’s start tomorrow. :)
(Of course, he’s up against Brad Penny, hahaha, so we’ll see who sucks worse.)

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