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Theo Epstein briefly took over Brian Cashman's brain and started doing talent assessment and contract structuring for the Yankee shortstop position.

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sorry sf, but i didn’t get a lot of sleep last night…i don’t get it…do you mean the conservative, stat-driven, type of assessment, complete with an incentive laden back end?…

No, I mean the “locking an aging and likely declining player into a massive contract at the middle infield position” thing that has been Theo’s Achilles Heel of player assessment.

or, are you talking about the theo that tends to swing and miss at assessing the talent, fit, and value of every ss he puts on the field…i’m not being a jerk, but if theo has an achilles heal, that’s it…

that was weird we picked the same way to describe theo’s tendencies…but, like i said the other day, it’s not apples to apples with jeter…julio lugo is no derek jeter, and i don’t see the yankees paying him to play for someone else…the yankees recognized the need to treat the guy with some dignity, while not giving in completely to the outrageous demands jeter had originally…

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