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If it keeps raining, we’ll have a playoff spot clinched in no time!

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About the only way I can face this series.
This all must be my fault.
I was a Mets fan as a kid (40 years ago-statute of limitations applies), and we are seeing a (pre’69/latter day) Mets-like meltdown.
My only question is – where is Tom Seaver?

You know what sucks about this collaspe is the Yankee’s injuries and thin pitching was pretty much the same as the Sox. They had one real pitcher (CC) and other problems just like the Sox. For this Sox fan, I will never again be able to use injuries or lack of pitching as an excuse when they struggle. Even if they make the playoffs this is still a huge suckfest of a September.
/tipping my cap and calling the Yankee’s my daddy…

How many 2 out hits is this pitching staff going to give up. Lester is done, he has sucked just like the rest of this team. They gave up a ton against Baltimore.
Tito is probably gone after this year.

BB-SF, I have felt that the injuries-thing has been overstated by some when explaining the September the Sox have had but have been reticent to say so here for fear of being viewed as rubbing something in.
Lester and Beckett have not come through so well even when healthy, the fielding and baserunning errors have been too plentiful, every healthy bullpen arm has struggled at some point this month with Bard being particularly small vis-a-vis track record and expectations, and several guys have slumped at the plate, including Crawford who has just continued an unsightly season.
Some of these things can be attributed to injuries even if only in an indirect way (weakened starting rotation leads to more pen wear and tear and it eventually collapses). But I do think the Sox have underperformed mightily even when you account for injuries and I’d have to think the repercussions might be severe, which they wouldn’t be if this was mainly an injuries-issue.
Of course, they still are the most likely WC winner and may still go on a tear in October.
As for the Yankees, I remain surprised that they’ve done as well as they have despite speedbumps and injuries and arguably the toughest Sept schedule in the league. I do think Girardi and the vets on the team probably deserve a lot of the credit for that.

Tito is probably gone after this year.
You think???? I wouldn’t think so. The guy is a hell of a manager and a class act. I actually listen to him on the Michael Kay podcasts when he’s on.

I say that Tito is probably gone if the completely collapse and don’t get into post-season. I think there is something to Gammon’s comments that there is a rift between Tito and Theo. Could it be that Theo didn’t want him to keep throwing Wake out there to get his 200th win? Or maybe Tito didn’t want Lackey and Theo got him anyway. Tito didn’t really deny when asked before the game yesterday, at least that’s how I read his comments this morning in the Globe.

I really hope they fire him. Francona is a great manager and that would make our lives easier.
Seems crazy to me to even talk about firing the guy that broke the curse and won the Sox only 2 titles since the Taft administration.

IH –
I don’t want to rub it in either but if I remember correctly I got a lot of pushback at the beginning of the season when I questioned the Crawford impact. I also thought that Youkilis was no sure thing at 3B. For whatever reason, many analysts ignored those two points. Crawford’s OBP was a glaring hole (with his defense being overvalued by far). And Youkilis had never been a full-time 3B.
Those two decisions, plus expecting to rely on Dice-K and Lackey, were the big overreaches on this season. There has been an element of the team falling apart (Drew, Lowrie?, Buchholz) but then they’ve balanced that poor luck with some unexpected returns elsewhere (Ortiz, Ellsbury, Aceves, even Salty). To me, the Sox troubles are much more self-made.

Crazy that next year could feature three East playoff teams under the new CBA. The drama now would be reduced to whether the Angels or Rays play the Sox in a one game playoff at Fenway to advance to the ALDS.
A three game series would be much better. Instead of travel, the better record gets all three games at home.

When you’re down and out…have no hope and things are really looking bad…
All you need is AJ…da, da da da da…
All you need is AJ…da, da da da da…
All you need is AJ…AJ…
AJ is all you need.

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