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Thought you might be interested in revisiting our pre-season predictions, with CY and MVP being the toughest to call, in hindsight. Understandably, we get several correct, several wrong, proving that there is a) no science in this and b) we are as capable at these kinds of predictions as those paid huge sums to write for major newspapers, your Showalter prediction notwithstanding. From my email files, late 3/31/03: SF Predictions (and likely result): almvp: arod (Nope) nlmvp: kent (Nope) al cy: zito (Nope) nl cy: johnson (Nope) al man: macha (Possible) nl man: baker (Possible) al east: nyy (Yep) al cent: minn (Possible) al west: oak (Possible) wc: chisox (Nope, possible Division though) nl east: atl (Yep) nl cent: hou (Possible) nl west: az (Nope) wc: sf (Division Winner) YF Predictions: almvp: arod (Nope) nlmvp: barry (Yep) al cy: pedro (Possible, though highly unlikely) nl cy: schilling (Nope) al man: showalter (What were you thinking?) nl man: robinson (Nope) al east: nyy (Yep) al cent: chisox (Possible) al west: oak (Possible) wc: bosox (Possible) nl east: mon (Nope) nl cent: hou (Possible) nl west: az (Possible) wc: st.l (Possible)

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