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Three Games In…(Yanks Edition)

Things I like:

  • Robinson Cano is on pace to walk 162 times this season. That is a great improvement on his previous walk totals. (True statistic: Cano used to walk as often as Nickelback wrote a good song).
  • Nick Swisher, much like his doppelganger Will Friedle, is tragically underused. I'm not liking that, but I'm liking the fact that he's knocking in 5 runs in his Yankee starting debut.
  • Jorge Posada's arm hasn't fallen off.

Things I don't like:

  • Xavier Nady is starting over Nick Swisher.
  • The armchair psychologists wondering about Teixeira's state of mind after being booed. Here's a beautiful snippet from a Bob Klapisch article:

    “I look myself in the mirror and say, ‘Let’s get it going,’”
    Teixeira said. “I have no problem with fans getting on me if I don’t
    produce. One of the reasons I wanted to be a Yankee was because the
    fans and the media are so passionate. I actually think it’s pretty

    wait, his day is coming – over the course of a 162-game season, every
    Yankee will eventually be sacrificed to the controversy beast. If Andy
    Pettitte was swallowed up, surely no one is safe.

          Andy Pettitte is the example he uses? He should be the counter-example. Yanks fans still love the guy even though his name was included in the Mitchell Report. Seriously, Andy Pettitte?!

Things I hate:

  • Michael Kay talking about how Brett Gardner "adds a new dimension" which the Yanks haven't had for years: speed on offense. Actually, the Yanks have had Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon, A-Rod and Bobby Abreu the last few years. They have had decent speed. Kay should know this because he's covered the team during these seasons and probably mentioned that the team had good speed a lot during that period a million times. That's because Kay says everything a million times. For instance, did you know that the Orioles probably weren't too excited when they saw on mlb schedule that their season-opening series was against the Yanks? That's because they were guaranteed to sell tickets even without the Yanks coming into town.  I think after this last series on YES you do.
  • Nickelback

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do you also hate coldplay? :)
do you see other teams running on Posada more this year? I think they will on Varitek.

They certainly should given his injury, at least test him.
Coldplay is just very boring. I don’t hate them. I’m just amazed by how boring their songs are. They have decent hooks but all the songs seem to drone on for too long.

Nady is starting because of the sex appeal. Swisher is just creepy. We all dig the RBIs though.
Can we send Nickelback to the minors?

Cano used to walk as often as Nickelback wrote a good song
I hate Nickelback with a fiery passion.

I also like the 8 consecutive hitless innings the bullpen has provided the last two games. It’s early, but I’m predicting people trying to convince themselves that the Yankee bullpen is going to be a weakness will be sorely disappointed.

One of the most disappointing moments of last year, for me, was discovering that Josh Beckett’s entrance music was by Nickelback. That hurt much more than Game 7. (And, I believe, may have been directly responsible for the outcome of Game 2.)

Say it ain’t so Jackie!
Speaking of starting pitchers, Sidney Ponson is starting against the Yanks right now.

I came in to knock the Nickelbacks (Give Cano more credit!) but apparently that’s been done to death.. ;P

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