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Three More Years

Cashman re-ups as GM/VP for the next three years. Good. Now go fix AJ.

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Not a fan of Cashman but it could be much worse. Some moves are plain dumb and he’s shown a noticeable inability to learn from them. Still, hard to argue with the results. The Sox have missed the playoffs more in the last two years than Cashman has in his entire tenure. As the closest competition, that’s really saying something.

I’m sort of ambivalent about this. I like him and am aware that perhaps you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. But I guess here’s the thing – he has more authority than he has ever had right now and he is dealing with a situation — serious age issues at multiple key positions with on-going contracts to be managed at those positions — that he really never has dealt with in his time there. Is he up to that task? I really have no idea because again, he hasn’t been there before. This is quite apart from the even more urgent matter of how to fill out this starting rotation.
In short, I’d love to hear Cashman’s plans for managing the team’s age, including how to deal with the last 45 years of A-Rod’s contract. Whether or not it’s a good thing that he’s around for another 3 years really depends on how he does on that front, so let’s see.

The Yanks have sort of lucked out that the two players in most obvious decline play the positions they do. Jeter isn’t killing them because SS is particularly weak right now. Same goes for A-Rod at third base. I don’t mean to be too cavalier about this, but haven’t the Yanks been old and aging forever, especially in the field? In any case, I’m not that concerned about this issue for next season if only because Montero could help a lot and they are still one of the two or three best line-ups in baseball. Longer term future, yeah it’s a big issue. Hopefully Cashman can pull of some more Swisher or Granderson-type deals to stave off positional decline.
Pitching-wise, I worship at the altar of Yu Darvish. I’m going all in on him. I hope the Yanks follow my example.

As for age, I’m actually pretty impressed that they transitioned the outfield as well as they have. Sure, they kinda got lucky with Granderson and Swisher, but actually not if someone in the front office was paying attention to BABIP. Then with Gardner, they’ve gotten tremendous value. That’s very impressive. Cano adds to that and if they give Montero the shot he deserves, they could staff five lineup slots with guys who are severely underpaid.
I kind of agree with you on Jeter and A-Rod but then they’re not, or should not be, the emphasis in the lineup. Still, it’s not like replacements are sitting right out there as you note, Nick. Both SS and 3B are really hard to fill, as the Sox have consistently demonstrated. It was folly to assume Youkilis could transition back too.
The only real lineup disappointment is Teixeira. I thought it was a wasted signing, given how easy it is to find offense at 1B, and now they’re stuck with him. It was nice to keep him away from the Sox, and that move dictated the 2009 season, but at what cost?
Cashman does deserve all of the blame with the rotation and the utter failures of the “Big Three”. But it’s amazing that if Nova continues to learn and Banuelos establishes himself in 2012, they’ll be on the right path there too.
Agree completely on Darvish. Yu gotta be kidding me with the headline possibilities!

Looks like Darvish is out…from everything I have seen?
How about Buerhle? I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing him in. Veteran lefty. Solid makeup.

I think Cashman needs to call the Braves. Obviously Vizcaino is out, but they have a ton of young pitching. I really like Minor, not a star but a very good young pitcher.
As for Buehrle, depending on the price sure. I don’t think Yankee Stadium is the right fit for him, but if all other options were exhausted why not. I think he’d be better suited with the Mets, but that’s just my take.

“Looks like Darvish is out…from everything I have seen?”
I haven’t read anything like that. Where did you see that?
I’ve heard Buehrle would only leave the White Sox for the Cardinals. He’s a midwest guy.
The Braves are shopping Jurggens. Any interest?

Everything I am reading says we aren’t very interested. They’ve scouted him but the whole Igawa/Irabu-thing is always hanging around.
Maybe they are being stealthy about it?
PS Just say NO to CJ. I don’t trust a man that has never had a drink or experimented with drugs. No thanks.

I’m more in the “good riddance” camp when it comes to Papelbon. The Sox did a great job getting value out of the more affordable part of his career and I’m happy to see someone else overpay for his decline. I’m sure he’ll still be good for the next year or two, but 4 years at that price? I guess it makes sense for the Phillies since their window is only another year or two anyway.
In any case, all thanks to Papelbon for some amazing years, but it will be relief not to have a colossal jackass for a closer.

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