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Three Way: Jays-Yanks, Sox-Tribe Gamer

New York, Tampa, and Boston are effictively in a three way tie.  Toronto lies just two games back, and visit the Staidum tonight.  Carlos Villaneuva pitches for the Jays, while Bartolo Colon has already given up a home run to… yes, him again, Bautista.

Meanwhile, Boston visits the Tribe, with Clay Buccholz and Justin Masterson pitching.

Here’s a place to comment on your three-way battle for Beast supremacy.

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A-Rod can’t do anything productive with no outs and a man on 3rd, but Cano shows him how to hit a sac fly and it’s 1-1 going to the top of the 5th. Bartolo, who turns 38 tomorrow, is throwing lots of strikes again. Of course, Bautista did what he tends to do with balls in the srike zone…IBB that man in virtually any situation with the games tied like this in the late innings.
And another K for Bartolo, who is frankly one of the most entertaining players to watch right now.

Bartolo tryin gto dance this inning – gives up the leadoff double, then IBB’s Bautista, processes the sac bunt that moves the runners to 2nd and 3rd, then IBB’s Rivera to get the force at any base – and possible DP…and here’s Aaron Hill.
Game hanging in the balance right here.

Wheels fly off, hit all four infielders on their way to mowing down the outfirleders and the insides fly into the Yankee bullpen, maiming all in sight.
Until those last few ABs, Bartolo’s season-ERA was at 3.04. After giving up the RBI single, the BB-RBI, and the bases clearing double, he has jumped up to 3.81. And the Yanks are in a fat 6-1 hole. Oh well. I said Bartolo was entertaining. Guess it meant in sort of a horror-show kind of way tonight…

And Noesi can’t keep one more from crossing the plate. 7-2 Jays. Yanks with 3 hits on the night. Combine that with Bartolo’s 5-run 6th and you have a game devoid of much drama.

Teix Ks, A-Rod singles, and it’s 1st and 3rd for Cano, who is responsible for the Yanks’ only 2 runs tonight (though one was via error). Pitching change. If Cano can get on this game become temporarily interesting again.

Cano singles in another run, Martin pops out…Jorge now up with two men on representing the “at-least-we’re-not-down-by-5-anymore” run. Please make yourself useful Jorge.

Or suck.
Gotta run Jorge’s numbers again. I fear he may be back to his BA-basement dwelling after a few days of resh air. Regardless, seeing him come up when it counts is simply cringe-worthy right now.

I am listening to Poison’s “Talk Dirty to Me”. I’m serious. Why? Because it’s on my iPod that’s why. And if you don’t like it I’ll blast my Quiet Riot tunes in your ears while forcing you to watch an endless loop of Jorge Posada AB’s.
The Acela to Washington does strange things to me.

I realize he hasn’t been contributing too much, though his OBP is still ok. But Pedroia injured would be terrible news.

Looks like he was favoring his left foot, which was the one he had surgically repaired last year. Hope it isn’t serious.

Well, the hell with this night. Bard blows the lead after a great effort by Buchholz, just after a guy gets on a ball that Pedroia would have gotten had he not gotten hurt and been replaced by a guy I have never heard of who can’t field.
Next up the Bruins will probably blow the goal lead they cling to.
Screw sports.

If you are not watching the Mavs-Thunder game you are missing something extraordinary. I checked into my hotel room and turned this on, not caring at all who wins, and just watched Nowitzki make ridiculous shots to lead the Mavs on a 17-2 run with 4.5 minutes to go to tie the game. OT coming. OKC’s stadium went from rowdy to morgue-like in a blink.

This is getting really close to being a 4-way. And if Baltimore goes on a run, it’ll be a 5-way. And then I think we would have to call it an orgy in the AL East.
Apparently, the screw in Pedroia’s foot has been bothering him all season. Might have to wait until next season to get the usual production from the Keebler Elf (I say that endearingly!)

The entire ALEast is separated by only 3.5 games. The entire ALWest is separated by only 3.0. The Indians lead over the 2nd place team in the ALCentral is 7.0 games.
What a strange sport this can be. Also, go Mavs.

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