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Throwback: Cubs-Sox Gamer

Apparently there will be some baggy uniforms worn tonight as the Sox go for eight straight.

Comment about the Aceves-Zambrano matchup here.

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Stupid Fox regional coverage I’ve only got Yanks and Mets here in southeast Virginia and the game is not on MLB Extra Innings. After a Saturday running around between one kid with soccer and the other with T-ball and a Cub Scout event (I’m a den leader) I was looking forward to the throw back uniforms while throwing back a few beers.

Billsburg, you’re in Yorktown, right? My wife and I just bought a house in Kiln Creek.
I’m bored at a wedding in Orlando and would rather be watching the game. Who plans a 4:00 wedding in the FL heat/humidity, and then takes 2.5 hours of photos?

Yep, the first place Red Sox. In the begining of the season I said to give them 30 or 40 games, and see how they would be. I guess i shoukd have said 40 or 50, but still very nice they’re doing so well.
Ditto on the bitching about the blackout, I had a similar day and had similar plans Bill.

per the Globe:
Cubs outfielder Marlon Byrd was taken to Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary for an examination.
He was hit with a Alfredo Aceves pitch in the second inning and suffered a gash underneath his left eye. There was bleeding and swelling in the area according to Cubs spokesman Peter Chase.

Tito asleep, why didn’t he have Paps warm if Albers screwed up to start the inning? Why was he so slow to get Albers? Tito completely out of of his mind this inning.

I am following by b-berry updates and I have now read 3 times the explanation of what happened on a popout that scored 2 runs and I still can’t understand it. Will wait for sportscenter. From this admittedly insufficient way of followinng the game, SFs frustration with francona seems more than justified. Seemed like Albers was in for at least 2 batters too many, if not 3 or 4.

That inning was ballstastic, but all things considered, the Sox are in a much better position than they might be considering how things started this season. A half-game back with more than two-thirds of the season left…that really was an atrocious inning, though.

After reading the recap of that 7th inning I’m glad we didn’t get the Fox regional coverage here in VA. According to the Globe this morning they decided before the game that Bard wasn’t going to pitch. Reading what he was projecting to have for innings I can understand why they wanted to rest him another day.
Aceves was impressive for his spot start. Maybe Wake can be magical tonoght, I doubt the cubs have seen many knucklers so maybe he has already gotten into their heads and they will spend today worrying about how to hit the knuckleball

Must say I’m relieved the Cubs have scratched Garza; he seemed to give the Sox fits during his TB tenure (though I do remember one awesome counter-example).
In his place, a dude named Russell that tells me has a 10+ ERA in his four substitute starts for an injured pitcher.
Come on, Wake, be half-decent, and there’s no excuse for the bats not to unload.

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