Unbelievable. I chose a fine time to tune back in. YF is understandably distraught and offered me the floor. I still think the Sox have to be considered major dogs, even with the big mo. They have to win two on enemy turf, and have one rested pitcher of suspect health with which to do it.

Terry Francona and Joe Torre are at the mercy of Lieber and Schilling tomorrow, and what the hell can they do if either guy falters? Who do they go to? Can Pedro and Moose come back for an inning? Have there ever been two consecutive postseason games that have had this many pitches thrown on back-to-back nights? (EDIT: three games, on back-to-back-to-back nights) What a strange beginning to the week, and I can’t wait to read the papers in the morning, both local and back home in Boston.

More tomorrow.

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