To: Human Resources Department,

To: Human Resources Department, From: Re: Job Posting We are looking for a baseball-savvy upper-management type, someone who can motivate some of our employees. Said employees are highly paid, but seem to be sleeping on the job, and some are even going home early because of supposed health problems (one even complained of a blister on his thumb!). We have a capable and semi-competent, though mediocre, man in charge (of medium intellect), but he can’t seem to get the employees to work quite hard enough. Drop me an email if anyone is available, though I know the talent pool is dreadfully thin at this point in the fiscal year, and I don’t have high expectations. If I have to keep this guy on until the end of his contract so be it, but I am looking to upgrade – I can’t fire the employees even if I wanted to. Best, TE P.S. Don’t you guys get sick of working overtime, pounding the phones, getting things done for the Boss and not reaping any rewards? Whatever happened to good old-fashioned American productivity? P.P.S. Sorry to vent, but I am losing it…

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